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Toddler severely injured after flash grenade is thrown by deputies

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Atlanta, Ga. – A toddler is in a coma right now after a flash grenade was thrown into the house he was in.

Officers raided the home looking for an alleged suspect according to

The sheriff there says officers were looking for a suspect who may have been armed.

The baby was sleeping in his playpen when the raid started.

They say the grenade was thrown on the floor and exploded on the baby’s pillow.

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  • ME

    This is what happens when the police are allowed to act like they’re some kind of cowboy army.

  • Caroline Foster Sturgeon

    Blame the parents not the police. The parents were involved in illegals drugs, the parents would not let the police in to serve the warrant. How are the police suppose to know there is a toddler inside? What about the parents exposing their toddler the the chemicals to make meth? How about all the children and adults that are slowly being killed by the drugs they are selling. It’s a very sad event and this innocent child was caught in the middle. Shame on the parents!!!!!!! Why doesn’t the news report the whole story? We have to stop the evil in our midst and stop preventing those who are doing the job!

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