Beach man and dogs relieve properties of pesky geese

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Virginia Beach, Va. - Virginia Beach sidewalks are covered in their droppings. Gaggles even block traffic crossing major roadways. Canada Geese seem to be everywhere in the Resort City.

"I don't know how many there were but it was several hundred,” says Tom Stevenson, who runs the Signature at West Neck Golf Course. “It just got to the point that we needed to do something."

Two years ago, Stevenson called Rick Ludwig. Ludwig runs Geese Relief LLC. He helps rid properties like hospitals, apartment complexes, golf courses and parks of the overpopulated birds.

Stevenson says he saw a drastic improvement after Ludwig’s first visit.

However, there would be no relief without his dogs.

"If geese recognize these Border Collies they're gone," Ludwig says.

Ludwig has two Border Collies. Their names are Jack and Rose.

"Well I call them Team Titanic," Ludwig says.



  • Daniel B.

    My wife witnessed a man’s dog apparently killing a little gosling today, in the lake between Banbury Lake Village and Chartwell Apartments. (She identified the guy in the video clip above.) She attempted to stop the attack but couldn’t. It really upset her. She indicated that the man really didn’t have control over the dogs, they weren’t listening to him. He has apparently been hired by Chartwell to run off the geese. We happen to like having the geese, especially around springtime, and I find an in-water attack by three dogs against a mother and her little goslings to be at the very least distasteful if not unethical or illegal. Though we don’t have any ill-will toward him, we hope that folks will leave the geese alone. I don’t wish to see him or his dogs (no offense) around here anymore. An apology to my wife would be welcomed as well.

  • Rick

    I got an apology letter from these people after they realized that the Dogs were not attacking the geese and were not injured by them

    • Daniel B

      It seems I’m unable to remove the comment. However, I should clarify a bit. We received an apology to my wife for her seeing the event. We really appreciate that. I apologized for being upset, in particular: “I apologize for getting upset. We’re still not really all that thrilled about driving away the geese, but notwithstanding our different accounts of the event, it’s clear that the gosling’s death wasn’t intentional.” We still believe one gosling was killed by, or at the very least on account of, the dog, but it’s possible that it was because of the confusion of the moment. We don’t believe there was any intention on your part for this to happen, so we think you have respect for the life of the geese. But we really don’t agree with the practice of running off the geese, or like to see the geese intimidated, and don’t like the fact that there are virtually no geese anymore! We don’t hold any ill will, but respectfully disagree on method, and are saddened to see the geese run out of the community.

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