UPDATE: 10th-grader who admitted to murdering parents because they took away iPod sentenced

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UPDATE: Vincent Parker, the teen who admitted to murdering his parents, learned his fate on Thursday. 

He has been sentenced to nearly 25 years. He'll be in juvenile detention until the age of 21. He will then be transferred to the penitentiary for 21 years and 10 months. 

On one of the second degree murder charges, he was sentenced to 40 years. All of this time was suspended on the condition that he stay with the Juvenile Justice system until the age of 21. 

On the other murder charge he was also sentenced to 40 years and all but 21 years and 10 months were suspended. 

Police say while in court, Parker's maternal uncle yelled and lunged at him after testimony during the sentencing hearing in Norfolk. The uncle was restrained by deputies and removed from the court room. He was not charged and was released. 

Norfolk, Va. - A smart and talented Norview High School 10th-grader admitted in court today he killed his parents a week before Christmas because he was weary of their seemingly routine punishments, "like my dad taking away my iPod and stuff."

Vincent Parker attacked his mother Carol as she emerged from an upstairs bathroom in their Bland Street home. He admitted to police he doused his mother with pepper spray, stabbed her in the eye, and then beat her in the face and head with a baseball bat and a crowbar "until she stopped breathing." A medical examiner identified 25 separate smashes and stabs to Carol Parker's neck, face and head.

When Vincent's father Wayne Parker came home, Vincent struck him with a crowbar and stabbed him several times. Wayne Parker lived long enough to tell police what happened. After first trying to say his father was the aggressor, Vincent admitted he killed his parents. Vincent was Carol and Wayne's only child.

"I just remember getting mad," he told investigators. "It's all from my dad. All this stuff like my dad taking away my iPod and stuff."

Those details and statements were included in the prosecutor's "stipulation of facts" presented to a judge Wednesday. Vincent, who is 16, pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree murder in adult court. He'll return to Norfolk Circuit Court in September to learn his sentence.

Why an honor-roll student with no criminal record snapped so violently over such benign punishments is a mystery to his family.

"He is a smart young man," said his grandfather, Allen Taylor, father of Carol Taylor. "He is smart in school. I don't know what happened."

Defense attorney Emily Munn told the judge a psychiatric evaluation showed Vincent was both sane and intelligent. Even though Vincent is being sentenced as an adult, Munn told the judge she is going to ask the court to consider letting him serve at least part of his sentence in a juvenile facility. He could face decades in prison if he's sentenced to the maximum for both murders. His grandfather is hoping for a much shorter punishment.

"I want him to get some type of counseling," he said. "Help him to grow up and be an understanding man. Be sorry for what he did do. I told him to ask God to forgive him for what he did."

When asked if he forgave his grandson, Taylor said: "Well, yes, I have. Because if I don't forgive him, who will?

"We had to give it to God," he said. "He is the only one who can help us now."


  • Bootsnchaps

    He knew right from wrong, he wasn’t mentally ill and he murdered his parents for no reason on impulse over a stupid piece of plastic. And his grandfather wants him to receive counseling? He can get that in prison and hopefully he will get the maximum so he’ll have plenty of time to contemplate what he threw away.

  • Lynne

    I already said my peace…yesterday on another post shared…and many times before. More sad evidence of a culture where God is rejected by society & Gov.

      • natalee

        God is not the one who has done shity things. This world just expects to receive anything they want from God but not give anything back to him. Just because God is there to forgive you all the time does not mean you can do whatever you want then say ehh I’ll pray later after I’m done partying. No!. This world just try’s to take advantage of him and expects nothing but the best when you give him the worst. He will always be there to help but of course you will loose privileges and just because you cant always get your way does not mean he is not there. Whatever shity things you think he has done, you’ve done them to your self buddy.

  • Judy Bateman

    This child had book knowledge and material things but did he have God and common sense? It’s so sad to see how angry he got over a simple consequence and now he has a worse consequence. He took something he can’t give back. He shouldn’t get away with this. Whether he’s an honor student or not, he knows right from wrong. This shouldn’t be a slap on the wrist. He needs serious long term punishment.

  • B2S

    Holy cow. A teenager acting on impulse! Unheard of! More people have been killed in the name of god than any other.

  • Michelle

    This happened in my neighborhood. I think he should serve his time and be charged as a ADULT.

  • bruno billings

    There has to be way more to this story…ritalin, Prozac, Zoloft, clonazepam, on and on for the sake of the behavioral drug industry –

  • Hm.

    Why do these things always turn into some sort of religious debate? God doesn’t make people do things like this-we have brains, and can make choices for ourselves. And the language….please. Folks, have some class, if you even know what that means here in Hampton Roads. The profanity is unnecessary.
    As far as this kid goes-come on, now-let’s not read more into this than the probable reality, which appears to me to be just another entitled, spoiled, mediocre-minded brat who was probably raised to believe he was destined for greatness because he managed to crank out a few “A” in what passes for public school here. Sometimes the simplest explanation is the closest to the truth. I’m sure he’s going to lawyer up now, and find more excuses than you can shake a stick at-ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s-you wait. He’ll be out of jail in a couple of years, free to murder the next person who tells him “no.”

  • Steven Albertson

    Hold on, hold on…

    I was assured by the media over the last couple of years that a 17 year old black male is utterly incapable of being a threat or causing harm to anyone.

    • Garynne

      Any 17 year old male is capable of killing. White black brown or yellow, skin color means nothing when you come after a unsuspecting, unarmed person with rage and deadly weapons.

      • Steven Albertson

        You think Zimmerman had rage? Lol

        No evidence ever came forward to show that he made any attempt to come into direct contact with Trayvon or that he moved in the direction he’d seen him go after the operator said “we don’t need you to follow” or that “following” had ever meant attempting to close the distance, from his perspective. As opposed to keeping an eye on Trayvon from a large distance.

        Skin color does matter because it is an indicator of genetics. US Government studies have shown blacks have considerably more testosterone than whites, and that translates to higher aggression and lower impulse control. Deeper voice, also. Same reason males have all of these traits compared to females.

  • Paf Dvorak

    They should have seen the early warning signs that he was a violent animal…he wanted to be a police officer.

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