Ravens draftee arrested, charged in Williamsburg

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Williamsburg, Va. - Lorenzo Taliaferro, a Baltimore Ravens draftee, was arrested and charged for being drunk in public.

Police say on May 24th,  an officer was on patrol at the 400 block of Richmond Road.

They say Taliaferro and several other people were standing in front of  College Deli yelling and screaming.

A cab from the Historic Taxi Cab company pulled into the parking lot and the group got inside of the vehicle.

Police say the officer saw the cab lurch forward and stop. The driver then waved the officer over to the vehicle.

The people inside of the vehicle got out of the cab and walked away police say.

The driver told the officer that Taliaferro had broken the passenger door window of the vehicle.

The officer says he spoke with the rookie running back and noticed he was drunk. Taliaferro was then arrested for being drunk in public and he was then taken to the Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail.  The officer also has a warrant for destruction of property.

No other details have been released.


  • Bailey Rosenkrantz

    We watched Reed spin about 7 times while he was filming this. Glad to see he got the perfect take!
    GO CUSE!!

    • Babushka Weezy Lopez

      Watch yur FOUL mouth. I saw some of his werc up in Binghamton on natural gas driling and Im a prety big folower. Were both huge fans of the Wire, Khloe & Lamar, Cupcake Wars, Criss Angel Mindfreak, and Being Bobby Brown. We also lyke reading by the beach. Reed takes action and gets results

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