Are solar roadways the highways of the future?

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An Idaho couple has raised over $1 million on Indiegogo towards a project that would replace roads with solar panels.

The couple. Julie and Scott Brusaw, formed a company called “Solar Roadways” several years ago.

Their website details the project and explains that they came up with the idea after global warming started becoming a popular topic.

According to the project plans, the solar panels would pay for themselves over time due to the generation of electricity that can power homes and businesses.


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  • Marcus

    As a climate change advocate who works in road engineering, I’m finding it difficult to understand how this idea has gotten so much traction. We looked at this years ago, costed it up, and it fell over immediately. Rooftop solar costs a fraction to install and maintain (less than 1/4 and that’s being generous), there’s more available rooftop space than road space, rooftop produces 3x the energy (and that’s also being generous to road solar due to cleaning, shading, aspect, and these cells are less than 50% PV by area) and the embodied emissions of pulling up asphalt – which is flexible – and laying a rigid concrete base for these panels means you have to run the panels for more than 20 yrs before you break even on carbon savings by which time the pavement only has a few years life left. Far better to do roads well (recycling) and solar well (roof- and rack-mounted) than to do both poorly. I just hope this misadventure ends with a wide-spread realisation that existing solar technology makes so much more sense.

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