Student seriously hurt after going out of moving school bus

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Virginia Beach, Va. - Police have responded to the scene of a school bus accident in Virginia Beach where officials say someone opened the emergency doors of the bus and went out the back of it while the bus was moving.

It happened at the intersection of Dolton Drive and Bonney Road. The bus was carrying kids from the SECEP program which is a special education and alternative education program.

The bus was coming from Renaissance Academy, according to a school official.

NewsChannel 3 has been told that the victim was a female student. She was transported to the hospital with serious injuries.

Officials say there was an argument on the bus that led to a person trying to exit the bus through the front door; when that didn't work, officials say the person went to the back door and went out.

Police are still on the scene investigating.

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  • She Jumped

    Overheard on bus communication system. The kid jumped out of the back of a moving bus. That in itself is a felony.

      • Samantha

        Wow, what happened that would make her want to do that , I hope and pray she is doing ok and her family is going threw this . My prayers go out to them all wow That’s sad . Why would you do something like that .

    • Charlie

      And lets just hope that this was not another case of being bullied . Everyone (especially the students) know that the Bus is the MOST UNSUPERVISED part of the school system. I hope she will be o.k.

      • Cailou

        She Was not being bullied she spit in everyones faces that was on the bus and she was the one that jumped off the bus by herself no one forced her two

      • Samantha

        I agree with you 100% lets hope it wasn’t. So many kids our being picked on . Yet the people who are around them never seem to know it. I Will Be Praying for her and her family

  • She Jumped

    This is the fault of VBCPS not providing adequate care, transportation and education for special needs children. Call Daisy Wood.

  • eboni

    the girl that jumped off the bus is not even specials needs shes in the alternative program along with me, you’ll are talking about calling people and dont even,know whats going on…

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