Lanes blocked as boat cleared from road in Newport News

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Newport News, Va. – Lanes were blocked on Oyster Point Road on Thursday as crews worked to clear a boat that had fallen into the street on Thursday.

They say a vehicle was pulling a 30-foot boat on a trailer and it fell in the middle of the road.

Calls came in just after 5 p.m. about the incident.

No one was injured. Three lanes of traffic were blocked off until the boat was removed.

Police do not know how the boat fell.


  • David Merritt

    I know exactly how it fell; I was driving approximately 50 meters behind the boat trailer and observed this event. The truck was towing the boat in the eastbound center lane immediately behind a school bus in the left lane. Both the truck/trailer and school bus were traveling at the same speed which I judge to be 45 mph, the posted speed limit. I observed a brief puff of smoke or dirt emanating from the front of the trailer. Immediately after, the boat and trailor separated from the truck and slowly drifted into the left lane behind the school bus while the truck continued in the center lane. Approximately five seconds after separating from the truck, the boat and trailer (still traveling at approximately 40 mph) hit the center median and yawed approximately 150 degrees to the left, followed by a longitudinal roll to the right. The boat then separated from the trailer and rolled at least once on eastbound lanes and skidded to a stop. Luckily, there were no oncoming vehicles in the eastbound lanes. Otherwise, the boat likely would have crushed any oncoming vehicle.

    • Ron Melancon

      David…just like the VA Scandal….people must get destroyed before people wake up. Since 1975 over 19,500 Americans have been destroyed and over 1,000,000 injured since 1988 and for some reason we get no actions.

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