Chesterfield teen ‘kicked out of prom over short dress, provocative dance’

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. – A teenage girl says she was kicked out of a homeschool prom after several dads complained that her dress evoked “impure thoughts.”

The 17-year-old shared her experience on a blog, which has gone viral. w1

Our sister station WTVR reports that Clare, a homeschooled teen from Chesterfield, says she arrived at the prom in a short, sparkly dress, a chaperon immediately pulled her to the side. But the dress was at fingertip length, the only dress requirement for the prom.

Later, Clare discovered that some of the dads who were chaperoning had complained that her dancing was too provocative, and that she was going to “cause the young men at the prom to think impure thoughts.”

After being scolded for both her dress and her “provocative” dancing, she was then told to leave.

“I’m not responsible for some perverted 45-year-old dad lusting after me because I have a sparkly dress on and if you think I am, then maybe you’re part of the problem,” Clare says in her blog.



  • Duane

    agree…too short..and that’s not finger tip length…your arm is clearly bent to make it look that way.

    • ptown50

      My arms bend naturally while at my side and I bet almost everyone’s bend just as mine. Her skirt measuring is fine and natural.

    • Tiler

      Wrong Duane..her arm appears to be hanging naturally and meets the requirement set before prom. The impure thoughts are in the minds of theses who kicked her out and they should be held responsible. Shame on them.

  • Retired_in_Va

    I think the problem is probably the Fathers and their impure thoughts.
    The kids are teenagers with raging hormones and most are not thinking about anybody else than themselves and having a good time.
    And do not tell me that these dads, when they went to their prom, did not go there to have a good time and enjoy themselves and probably dressed and danced the way some of their parents disapproved of.

  • Ben

    Because when men are having impure thoughts, it’s obviously the woman’s fault. The Taliban called. They said to tell you they’re very proud.

  • Russ

    Lighten up, just know that probably all of your daughters signed away their virginity that same night.

  • Aaron

    Please… I’m sure impure thoughts are there without this young lady triggering them.. they’re high school kids… that’s what they do…that’s what we did. Ever watch t.v. or get on the internet lately? Those are way more dangerous to impure thoughts than this young lady…

  • Tori

    I noticed skirts and shorts the same length and some shorter while walking down the hall of my son’s high school. Clearly breaking the dress code. How are these teens expected to understand and adhere to the standards of dress at a formal dance when they are not required to follow the same ones daily in the classroom?

    • captiosus

      Sorry, need to add: The girl writing this blog does approach it from a somewhat theological point of view, however, she also does point out many of the hypocrisies of the story (such as the fact that Clare wasn’t the only one asked to leave and it was women, as well as men, who were uncomfortable with her dress and behavior).

  • Tracy Ramirez

    I helped plan the decorations for the prom, and therefore, became quite close with the two women director’s during the process. I also was blessed to get to know their families.

    I found out right after Clare left the prom that there had been a problem. The director said that a woman, not man, had seen Clare behaving inappropriately during a dance. Security from the balcony (a man) was contacted to come and ask her to step outside.

    From what I gathered that night, Clare would not allow anyone else to speak. She became extremely argumentative and belligerent. Although they had ongoing concerns about Clare’s dress, her behavior in the hall became the reason she was finally asked to leave.

    Once Clare’s statements were posted in a blog, unknown people began writing on the Richmond Prom Homeschool Facebook page calling the fathers helping in security, perverts, pedophiles, etc. Ultimately, the directors had to close down the Facebook page.

    I remember the director being genuinely disappointed that even one student had to be confronted. There were over 500 students there who didn’t have any problems. Both local and national media have now contacted the head director repeatedly. Her husband was part of security and has now been labeled as a pedophile.

    I am deeply saddened for the wonderful husbands who were called perverts, pedophiles, fundamentalists, and other terms.

    But most of all, I am sad for the two women in charge–caring football moms–who took over the prom this year to help raise money for the Disciple’s Football team.

  • melanie

    Theres always two sides to every story people shouldn’t forget that… offense but why is this news there are bigger things in this world that need covered i say let her parents and the people there sort it out.

  • Amanda Ricks

    look i was once a high school student i went to Granby high and at my prom girls had short dresses on an they were twerking which is a dance where girls basically grind on a young man .. ok thats todays generation .. he boyfriend looks black and im sorry honestly if thats who she was dancing with then i feel race could have something to do with it . i say that because i am married to a black man an i deal with dirty looks for white men an women all the time. the school was wrong for that and i feel bad for the girl. you only get to expirence prom once an for them to take that away from her shame on them. her dress was fine cause girls at my prom had dresses on that where shorter then that.

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