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Six brothers accused of sexually assaulting sister for years; parents allegedly knew and did nothing

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Perquimans County, NC - Six brothers and their parents have been charged after a girl says she was sexually abused since the age of four until she was 14-years-old.

She is now 16.

six brothersThe brothers, who range in age from 18 to 27, were all homeschooled with the girl according to the Perquimans County Sheriff. The family lived in a home on Chapanoke Road in Perquimans County.

Police say the Jackson brothers' parents were charged in this case because they witnessed the abuse.

"Personally, I lay the blame on the parents, and their charges are less than what the boys are going to get," says Sheriff Eric Tilley, "It's their responsibilities to raise those kids and somewhere along the line, they failed."

Deputies tell NewsChannel 3 they've been investigating this case for over a year now.

They say one of the brothers came forward in 2012 after he confided in his pastor, who advised him to tell police.

"How many people are going to walk into a law enforcement office and say 'I had sex with my sister?' It just doesn't happen. But that's one thing... These kids, they do have a belief in the Bible. They knew it was wrong and they had to get it out," Sheriff Tilley says.

Deputies then spoke with the girl and they say the parents would not allow her to talk. The family then moved to the Colorado Springs area of Colorado.

While in Colorado, the girl spoke with Child Protective Services about the alleged abuse. The sheriff's department went to Colorado to speak with her. This lasted about eight hours they say.

"Their leaving Colorado sealed their fate because ultimately Social Services stepped in and got the girl out of the home. Then we were able to do an interview. So if that hadn't happened, we probably wouldn't be making the arrest we made now," said Sheriff Tilley.

When the brothers turned themselves in, most of them were emotionless.

"The first kid, it seems to be like a relief, but even when they came to turn themselves in last week, it was like, 'We're here.' I don't think they know the magnitude of what they've done because I don't think they knew it was wrong," says Sheriff Tilley, "They haven't been taught any differently. I'm not sure when that's going to sink in exactly what they were doing was wrong."

All six of the brothers are now being held on $150, 000 bond. They are awaiting an arraignment that has not been scheduled yet.

The parents have been released on $15,000 bond.


      • Tammy

        Kathryn, you are a very rude person. The attitude with your response was unnecessary! This is a tragic story involving young people, have some respect!

  • Sue

    the younger brothers would of been around 6 at the time it first started and therefore grew u thinking that it was ok, do you think he should be charged similar to maybe the older brothers ?

  • Brenda Caldwell

    Inconceivable that NC law allowed the parents to retain custody of their daughter. Gotta change that law. Criminal. The parents should still be in jail. all 8 should be held on more like $1 million bond. Sickening!!

  • RAM

    I would imagine that the brothers had sexual relations among themselves long before the sister came along, and would not be surprised if mom and dad had something to do with it. It seems too coincidental that all of the boys would know how to do this to the sister, and the parents let them. That is if the parents didn’t teach the boys from the beginning. I am sure more details will arise from all of this.

  • Jay

    Good, christian family. /sarcasm They got their “piece” and told the police when guilt got the better of them.

      • murkyd

        Uh, it says RIGHT THERE IN THE STORY, genius:

        “But that’s one thing… These kids, they do have a belief in the Bible. They knew it was wrong and they had to get it out,” Sheriff Tilley says.”

  • Mike

    So someone reports their sister is being raped, by the person who reported it (called a confession in every other county), and its confirmed by two other brothers (see confession) and all the police do is ask her parents (who are allowing the rapes to occur) if they can talk to her? Then let it go when they’re told no? Sounds like you need to clean house at that Sheriff’s office.

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