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Randy Taylor murder trial goes to jury weeks ahead of schedule, report says

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Randy Taylor and Alexis Murphy

Randy Taylor and Alexis Murphy

NELSON COUNTY, Va. – The fate of Randy Allen Taylor is now in the hands of a jury. On Wednesday, after just a five days, the prosecution and defense rested their cases, according to a report from WTVR in Richmond, Virginia.

The defense did so after just an hour of testimony and a handful of witnesses, underscoring the point that they believe the prosecution never proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Taylor kidnapped and killed 17-year-old Alexis Murphy. Murphy vanished from Nelson County in August 2013.

Over the course of the trial the defense noted that Murphy’s body was never found and there is no evidence that she is dead, the report says.

The prosecution countered by arguing that a blood stained shirt of Taylor’s had Murphy’s DNA on it, as well as testimony from Taylor that he was with her the day she disappeared.

Read the complete story from WTVR, HERE.

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