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Woman posts film of her abortion on Facebook

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CHERRY HILL, N.J. — A woman’s clinic counselor in New Jersey decided to film her own abortion as a way of showing support to other women who undergo the procedure.

25-year-old Emily Letts decided she was not ready to take care of a child and wanted the abortion. Letts works as a patient advocate at the Cherry Hill Women’s Shelter, reported PIX 11.

Video of the abortion has been posted online. The video is not graphic.  Letts appears calm during the entire event, which lasts about five minutes.

In a column for Cosmopolitan, Letts said she did receive hateful comments after posting the video on Facebook.

“I got ‘You’re a Nazi.’ ‘You deserve to die.’ You killed your baby,” Letts told the magazine. “Just so much blind hatred without knowing who I am or what I’m about.”

Despite some negative comments, Letts said she loves the video and has received a lot of support.


  • Heather

    if you didnt want a child you should have never opened your legs. instead of killing it, you could have given it up for an adoption, so he/she could have lived their life. so sad

    • annette

      Keep your legs closed or attempt birth control. I know some won’t work. I think your trash publishing on social media a decision that was between you and God! Do I think abortion is wrong. NO I do not. Adoption is aĺl good you think. You do not know enough info on these life long decisions. These unwanted kids that are kept our in our prision systems now for heinous Crimes.

  • sarah

    I Can’t Have Kids So To See People Do This It Really Hurts Me,Adoption Should Be The Only Other Choice Not An Abortion….!! :(

  • Rica J Gilmore

    This is a heart breaking world we live in. She says people are making comments without knowing her. If we see a man molest a child and say he is evil, he would be just as stupid to say we don’t know him. She murdered a child and made herself out to be some sort of hero in her own mind. How much more wicked could this world get?

  • Brittany

    That poor innocent child! How could you KILL someone who hasn’t even had a chance to live!? And no, the baby isn’t just a ball of cells. Do your research! Your baby has a heart and brain at 5 weeks! You are a baby killer!

  • Promise

    I wonder how she will feel 20 years from now after abusing the greatest gift ever given to a woman, the ability to birth mankind. Wow, it seems so simple to her now, so matter of fact! So Sad, that abortion is being used as a form of birth control.

    “It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.”

    Mother Teresa

  • Sondra

    What I really found horrid the most is that fact that you stated you are just glad that you can have babies? What are you thinking? Are you thinking you can have babies just to kill? What about all these women out there that would give their own life to carry a child of their own? If you believe in murder then you should believe in birth control. USE IT!

  • Brittany

    She is disgusting! How can you say “cool” after you just killed an innocent baby! I can’t believe News Channel 3 would even giver her publicity. Try keeping your legs closed or using protection if you don’t want to have kids!

  • Natascha

    First off, it’s not a child, it’s a fetus. It’s NOT the same as killing a baby. It can’t survive outside of her body, like a parasite.

    Secondly, adoption? So, women should be forced to carry every pregnancy to term so that you can feel better about yourself at night? Because all babies get adopted, right? Because forcing the mother to bring the child to term will guarantee a good life with loving, supporting parents. Remind me again HOW MANY ADOPTED CHILDREN YOU CARE FOR? OH NONE?! WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED?

    Finally, this is her decision, that is all that matters. Her body, her life. If you want the government to dictate what a woman can do with her body, please move to Saudi Arabia or Iran. They also LOVE to control a woman’s every decision and would welcome your misogyny with open arms.

    • kai

      THANK YOU.
      Regardless of your political, social or religious beliefs, a woman has all the riright to determine whether or not she will bear a child. It is her uterus, her body, not yours. If you don’t want an abortion or don’t agree with it, don’t get one.
      To the other person who compared this to sexual predators: How dare you. How dare you try to compare the assault and harm of an already conccipisly thinking, living, breathing, life- sustaining human. Just because a baby has a brain and heart at five weeks does not mean they are active, fully developed, and capable of allowing full on survival. No fetus has been documented to survive at five weeks. None.
      This is disgusting of a of you. Misogyny is alive and well and all you need to do is come to the comments and see that.

  • Amanda

    I respect everyones right to their own opinion but with that wouldn’t I be a hypocrite if I didn’t respect their right to choose? Personally I don’t think I could ever choose to abort my child, but I’ve never been in a position that I wanted to either. I have beautiful children and my heart hurts for those that cannot. But in reality this woman is well within her rights, and no matter how I feel about her choice, I appreciate that her intentions in this video are to help those in similair situations or even worse.

  • timtim

    It’s amazing that abortion is “OK” for some, but if a pregnant woman is murdered or the fetus/baby is lost in a car accident or similar, you can bet there will be a murder charge for what’s being aborted here with no consequences.

    • Jenn

      Yes, and they should be charged for killing a fetus in the case that the woman dies as result of murder – that wasn’t her choice to be murdered & her child die. It’s someone else making that choice for her.

  • someone

    sometimes a mother uses birth control and it fails. sometimes a women becomes pregnant and has health problems that will not allow her to carry a baby. please try to understand that every situation is different. it is not always just “I don’t want a child.”

  • Jenn

    I support this woman for making a documentary about her abortion procedure. Even though having an abortion is legal in the US, it is frowned upon to talk about, mention or discuss in conversation. This woman is very brave for putting her face out there for the whole world to see & to judge without knowing her situation.

    Putting your child up for adoption is not always an option & it shouldn’t have to be – there are more children in foster homes & adoption facilities than there are being adopted.

    Everyone is entitled to your own thoughts, but why be so hateful? It’s not your life, not your body & not your child…so why do you waste so energy releasing negative vibes towards those that you disagree with?

  • sarah

    I for one support her, I had my tubes tied after my fourth child was born…..7 years ago……I take birth Control pills for the simple fact that I made the decision to no longer be able to have children….well….. since my tubal ligation I have been pregnant 4 times. It is up to NOONE to pass judgement on me or any other woman out there. I have been happily married for the past 12 years with 4 beautiful children. It is and was MY choice as it was her choice. To all the women who may have to choose one day, dont ever let anyone judge you or your situation, only you know what is best.

  • RNatheart Brown

    good evidence for when the govt changes it’s mind (about roe vs wade) and it is still under 7 yrs to find and prosecute you (uh delete the video) . . .aw too late

  • mandy

    Emily, you are incredibly brave for doing this and I know that this will show women that abortion isn’t as scary as right wing propaganda makes it out to be. It is a woman’s choice to do what she wants to her body and I too had an abortion at the age of 16. It was one of the best decisions I have made thus far in my life.

    • Claire Bear Monacelli

      Mandy, I am glad that you have a positive story to tell, so many women are shamed by a surgical procedure that it just breaks my heart for them. I am happy that you are also a brave woman who knew what you would and would not be able to handle in your life at such a very young age.

  • Christopher Rogerson

    I see nothing wrong with her decision. Nothing wrong with pro choice. I did find her humming quite annoying though. Let her live her life people, its not up to you to decide what she does. But yes, you can keep blasting these negative comments all you want. I brought popcorn, and I’m ready to watch!

  • Janet H.

    This was her decision to make. Period. Right or wrong. She lives with the repercussions. Whomever commented that WTKR supported her decision. Is grossly in error. WTKR reported the news. Nothing more, nothing less. That is their job.

  • sarah

    Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah….nobody’s choice but hers…..I support myself……I support a woman being able to choose whatever her reason may be….it was her choice…..who are you all to judge……YOU definitely are not God……worry about your own lives…..

  • Claire Bear Monacelli

    Wow. The comments I see here for the most part are a great example of why I find this young woman to be incredibly brave. If you are a man and you cannot become pregnant there is no need for you to enter the conversation at all. For women that do all in their power to deny choices for my body I simply say worry about your own. If you don’t like it don’t have one. I also find it appalling that some folks wake up in the morning to go online and be hateful to others. If that is how you get your kicks or make yourself feel better I just want to pray for you. You need far more help than anyone other than a creator could ever possibly provide.


    this isnt HER body or HER decision….if it ONLY affected her, than your argument would be valid. her decision affects ANOTHER LIFE!!
    are yall retarded or something? what if your mother decided to abort you? would you still say the same thing?

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