EXCLUSIVE: Juliet Bickford opens up about making false tax return

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The news of former NewsChannel 3 anchor Juliet Bickford’s sentence for making a false tax return spread across Hampton Roads like wildfire.

The tax charges came to light as part of an investigation into an international fraud scheme.

On Tuesday, she was sentenced to serve one year’s probation, plus pay a $500 fine, $10,000 in restitution and perform 200 hours of community service.

Following the sentencing, she sat down with Barbara Ciara for an exclusive interview to answer some of the questions everyone has been asking, and finally set the record straight in her own words.


  • David Smith

    I’m not sure that all your stories have this personal touch involved which may be viewed as biased and unfair.

  • Media Critic

    You can tell its sweeps month. My colleagues have been “glued” to Channel 3 only to get a minute of information at 4, 5 and 6. Now, we have to wait tomorrow for the full details from Juilet. We will be waiting.

  • Art C

    Do not worry Juliet you are forgiven. Not that you need to be, but that you asked to be. Other TV personalities are guilty of do bad things … you did nothing. Just come back on air for us :) LOVE!!+

  • Diana Obrien

    She did not take that money to feed a family, she apparently took it to feed her greed

  • Hal Bethard

    Juliet! You did make a mistake. It was not your fault!!!! Keep that chin up!!! I want to see you back at WTKR. You are a gem!!!!

  • Dan Harris

    Juliet you are an amazing woman and an awesome news anchor. Be proud of yourself and learn from your mistakes. Love is blind but never quit loving. Who you are is not defined by your mistakes but rather how you handle them and learn and grow from them. I am proud of you and wish only good things for you. People have opinions and that’s well and good but the great thing is you are surrounded by people who love you. My hats off to Barbara for supporting you. Thankyou for the years on TV. Please come back, you are a beautiful person inside and out who inspires people to be better. So come back.

  • Carl D

    Good luck Juliet, I still miss your “Glamourous News Anchor” looks on WTKR…please come back!

  • Bill

    Juliet, all is forgiven. WTKR please take her back! Other reporters news persons have been forgiven and are still on the air. Juliet you have my support.. Thank you WTKR for allowing her to tell her story in her words. Barbara, you are a true friend.

  • Chris

    I miss seeing you, Juliet. I watched you grow during your work at WTKR over several years, as you honed your skills and developed a tremendous expertise at your craft. You have become an awesome reporter and journalist, and one who is blessed by the eye of the camera. The spectrum of your work was interesting and quite pleasant, from your time spent anchoring the desk, to the “Don’t Waste Your Money” episodes, to the special features that highlighted your interaction at community and charitable events.

    Are you listening, WTKR? BRING BACK JULIET!

    • shanae

      you should be ashamed of yourself. you’re acting completely ignorant and your comments are 100% racist.

  • Mark Dale Covington

    Juliet Bickford seems like the kind of person who would never commit a crime of any kind. I totally forgive Juliet Bickford for any wrong doings Juliet Bickford has done on the income tax fraud.

  • mark scarpulla

    Hi Juliet,just wanted to say I’m very sorry for this happening to u.
    Hope to c u back on tv soon, a lot of people judge very quickly about things before knowing the whole story. No matter what happens u have a lot of supporters too & I’m one of them,
    so u keep your head up juliet & keep doing your thing. Remember u still have friends out there.

  • Elizabeth Bassett

    I understand that she made a mistake and should be forgiven. However, if it were anyone else, the news would have not have shown such mercy. Other people deserve the same second chance.

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