Water main break flooding parts of Va. Beach Blvd. and Corprew Ave. in Norfolk

NewsChannel 3 takes action over damaged Ocean View sand dune

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Norfolk, Va. (WTKR) - An Ocean View couple came to NewsChannel 3 for help after seeing a sand dune being damaged near their home.

Ray Allen and Kim Schafer were on their balcony Sunday afternoon when they saw a piece of machinery on the beach digging into the sand dune near Ocean View Avenue and Chesapeake Street.

"They were out there with a Bobcat cutting through the dunes I guess to make it easier to get their equipment out," Allen told NewsChannel 3's Todd Corillo.

"Last year they had taken some of it off, this year they are out there with the Bobcat digging the dune out level and I thought the dunes were protected," Schafer stated.

The dunes are protected in Norfolk under the Chesapeake Bay Coastal Management Area. NewsChannel 3 took action and contacted Lee Rosenberg, Environmental Services Manager for the City of Norfolk.

He came out and documented the dune and confirmed that the work, including digging through a sand dune on city property and disrupting vegetation planted to hold the dunes in place, was not allowed.

Rosenberg says that the property owners will receive notice that they must appear before the Norfolk Wetlands Board, which will decide what to do about the altered sand dune.

Schafer says her biggest concern has always been making sure the dunes are in place to protect her neighborhood from flooding.

"We are all possibly going to get water in our back yards this summer if a hurricane comes through," she said.

To learn more about Beach and Sand Dune Management in the City of Norfolk, click here to read the Chesapeake Bay Coastal Management Area (CBCMA) Guidance Document.


  • iqdou

    seriously? i have no sympathy for people who live right on the water and fear flooding by hurricanes…not to mention the increases in insurance the rest of us have to pay for their losses. stupidity never wins against nature.

    • Douglas R. Parsons

      If you get hit by a tornado or damaged by lightning strikes, I have no sympathy for you. Imbecile – how dare you think you can just live on the surface of the earth?

    • AJ Simkatu (@Simkatu)

      Seriously, I have no sympathy for idiots that make stupid and irrelevant comments on discussion boards. These are protected sand dunes. The dunes protect wildlife and plants as well as people. Quit being so stupid.

    • Trench Wolfhound

      Is this news? Is the idea that someone is taking down sand dunes that are vital for a community to avoid flooding news? Are you upset that it doesn’t involve Miley Cyrus? What would you look for in a news story? Yes, when people are breaking laws that effect entire communities, I’d say that falls into the category of ‘news’. Maybe not national news, but that’s probably why it’s on a local news site. Just my guess…

    • Douglas R. Parsons

      Yeah, dumbass. It’s news. Stop commenting when you’re too stupid to understand.

  • Sara

    I’d like to thank the couple who called to report the damage being done to the dunes. I lived in OV for 25 years, and understand the impact the dunes have in protecting everyone.

  • greg conn

    The cleaning of the permitted existing ramp is done annualy for beach access. Just as Va Beach maintains its boardwalk, OV jet ski rentals also must maintain its access to stay in business. Did anyone notice the existing boardwalk which was uncovered? Guess the camera missed that. This has been done for 20+ years and will undoubtly be recovered during the coming winters storms.

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