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Norfolk Commonwealth’s Attorney Greg Underwood found guilty of DUI

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Norfolk, Va. - Norfolk Commonwealth's Attorney Greg Underwood has been found guilty of DUI, refusal to take a blood alcohol content test and improper driving.

He was fined $1,000, but $500 was suspended. He was also sentenced to 33 days in jail, but 30 of those days have been suspended.

Underwood can serve the three days in jail on the weekends.

The convictions and sentence were handed down by a judge in Norfolk traffic court on Friday afternoon.

Underwood and his attorney have already appealed the decisions to circuit court. That is likely to be tried in May.

Back in October, a state trooper pulled over Underwood and two other drivers following him after they cut through a work zone on I-264 in Norfolk near Brambleton.

The trooper testified on Friday that he recognized Underwood and let the other drivers go when he realized Underwood was drunk.

The trooper said Underwood repeatedly refused to take any blood alcohol content tests that night.

In court, Underwood entered a plea of not guilty for every charge except the DUI. When it came to that, his attorney said he had no plea, essentially saying there was not enough evidence to convict him of driving drunk.

Henry County Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney J. Randolph Smith served as a special prosecutor for Underwood's case. He says he wasn't clear why Underwood entered no plea on the DUI charge, only to appeal it.

"That's kind of interesting. I'm not sure why they want to put it to circuit as opposed to giving a full shot at it here," he said.

Underwood's attorney says they will introduce state trooper dash cam video in their circuit court appeal of this case.

Because the case is on an appeal, he will not have to serve the sentence, pay fines, nor deal with a suspended license for the time being.

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  • ptown50

    Appealing to Circuit Court is his RIGHT all hard-core criminals no this as well as a Commonwealth Attorney.

  • BigBoy

    Code: I’ll appeal to Circuit Court…where Judges/Lawyers REALLY look out for one another. That way…I’ll only be fined..the ENTIRE jail time will be suspended & everything will be back to normal.

  • Moosha

    In N.C. you automatically lose your license for 30 days on the spot. If you refuse a breathalyzer you automatically lose your license for one year. Not negotiable…no appeal…no nothing. Virginia should follow N.C.’s lead. We need to get all these drunks off the road!

    • angelssix

      That’s right! I liked the laws concerning DUI in NC. Also curious about the fact that they did not get a warrant for blood draw based on the refusal, as we would in NC.

  • karin

    Why should he get practically away with what he has done.I would be embarrassed and at least resign or apologize to the public for what happed it didn’t look like he didn’t care but anyone but himself.

  • Rae

    If you are African American in Norfolk, you can do just about anything without being reprimanded for it. Look at Paul Riddick for example.
    Nuff said

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