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Woman claims she was thrown to the ground by Chesapeake Police

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Chesapeake, Va. - 70-year old Ruth Davenport still has nightmares about what she says happened inside her Chesapeake home back in March.

"What I would call just police brutality, just reckless rights of a human being," Davenport said.

She says it began when Chesapeake Police came to her house for the second time in just hours trying to serve a arrest warrant for her son, John Davenport. She says both times police came, she had to tell police several times her son wasn't home. She says she didn't even know there was a warrant out for her son's arrest and asked police to leave. Davenport says as they were leaving, she closed the door and then opened it again.

"I opened it because I wanted to see if they left," Davenport tells NewsChannel 3.

She says all of a sudden, one of the officers, Officer J. Ayala Acevedo turned around and grabbed her arm.

"He grabbed me," she said. "Both of them the had me pushed in through the door and slammed me against the wall. They were hurting me, they were hurting my hand they were pulling me hard. Soon, somehow I was on the floor."

She admits she resisted, kicking and screaming as the officers tried to place handcuffs on her. Her felony assault on an officer charge came when Officer Ayala-Acevedo says she kicked him. She says she just wanted to break free because of all the pain.

"I'm trying to get away from these guys. I'm trying with all of my heart because they were wrongfully grabbing me," she added.

But there are two sides to the story. NewsChannel 3 obtained court documents which included a summary of what happened by Officer Ayala-Acevedo himself.

He writes Davenport raised her voice the moment they arrived. he says it was as the offers were leaving, when Ruth opened the door, got in his face and began cursing at him.

He writes after he tried to explain why they were there in the first place, she still argued. So he does write he grabbed her arm to place her under arrest, but says he walked in behind her into the home, never pushed her. That's when he says Ruth kicked and screamed. He writes she ultimately "ended on the floor."

We reached out to Chesapeake Police, but because of the open investigation, they could not comment.

Ruth tells NewsChannel 3 the officer did have a video recording of what happened and hopes that when she goes to trial, it will be the evidence she needs to prove what she says was police brutality.

She is expected in court on May 21st.


  • Charlotte Winters

    I knew she wasn’t telling the truth. She’s trying for the sweet little old lady routine, but she can’t pull it off. You don’t scream and curse at the police everyone knows that!

  • The Don

    She was probably cursing at them while they left causing officer’s to react because she lied once before etc etc..they had s search warrant so go figure..she resisted and got what she deserved..old hag ur son is a pos ! Do as the cops ask u to and u wouldn’t be trying to claim police brutality.

  • angelssix

    So because someone curses and yells at you, that’s how you react? Not professional for a police officer. I won’t tell you how many times I was screamed at when I was working as a cop. I never threw someone on the ground because of it.

    • Rica J Gilmore

      She didn’t even claim she was thrown on the ground. They did not say they arrested her just for yelling. She started kicking. She ended up on the floor. People need to respect authority. This would not have happened if she had not been disrespectful, started yelling, cursing and then kicking. Kicking at a man can be very dangerous even from an old lady.

      • Matt Moore

        Really think so? go on youutbe and just have a look at the thousands of videos. Police are being trained to treat people this way. like i said. youtube as it all. people record these acts with the camera phones and they end up on youtube. just go have a look. what this lady went through is becoming the normal treatment these days.

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