Who would bully military wives online?

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They're insults you'd expect to hear on the playground at school.

However they are actually aimed at military wives on some social media sites, including terms like 'tag chasers' or 'dependa-potamus'

Some are outraged.

Others say the wives should just 'toughen up'

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  • Rhonda Preston

    The comments are hurtful because its as if we ALL are being stereotyped. I have always considered myself as; not the typical spouse and my husband and I speak on that all the time. I have three degrees and completed my first year in Law School. In addition, I have always strived for the best because I refuse to be in my husbands shadows. I was raised to be a hardworker and independent. Plus, I despise the word, “Dependants” when used to describe Military wives. I want to give back and I find many ways of doing so. I always seek employment where ever we PCS to because unlike some. I like my OWN money. I started applying for jobs back in October of 2013 as now it’s April 2014 and I’ve only recieved letters and email notifications that I wasn’t qualified. This alone is hard because some of us dislike the idea of staying home and doing CHORES day in and day out. In my opinion, I think being a house wife can at times be overwhelming. However, I do feel that some do take advantage of the situation but if their husbands aren’t complaining then why should anyone else even care. Focus on making a positive difference versus adding to the hate and pain that’s going on in this world. However, I prefer to be behind a desk using my brain versus using a broom on any day. Needless to say, at the end of the day. Opinions are like buttholes and we ALL have them. So, can I get a job get a job so I can get out of this HOUSE! 👂


  • dwadaf

    Military wives aren’t being bullied. Self entitled, cheating, scamming lazy, child neglecting, wasteful spending, welfare cheating, rank wearing wives are being called out for their behavior. I’ve been married to a military member for 25 years and I have never been bullied by anyone but the above mentioned wives, and I couldn’t care less what they think of me. And I love OSMW. If something I ever post gets put on there, it will be my fault, and I will laugh along with the other ladies, and never do it again.

    • MC

      Even so, making the pages are going to solve anything. Or make these people stop marrying into the military. It’s their business and their problems.

  • A 14 year old teenager who thinks this is utterly stupid and a waste of time .

    …well yeah there are, unfortunately, wives who marry into military for the benefits but, not all wives are like that. And yes there are also “overly sensitive military wives”. Doesn’t mean you should point this out. Honestly, that still doesn’t make it right. People complain that all these kids that are “bullying” each other calling the same names that these ADULTS are calling each other. It’s really showing the immaturity that never dies no matter how old you are. These people just don’t have lives, and don’t have anything better to do than to shut people down, and of all people, military wives. Congratulations, OSMW (to all pages that point this out), you’ve made your point and have stooped to the level of a teenager. Get over it. Get a life.

  • Revee

    I dont go out in public ever and exspose myself as a military wife. I find myself wondering why it makes me special. But heres why I think millions of military wifes are special. When are soilders are over seas we lift them up , we try to inspire them . To keep there composure and to not get ptsd. We send them things they need . At sometimes its hard because some of the wifes are pregnant and raising children while being there for there solider , I dont look for a reward neither do they. We dont look for rewards or an M.O.S instead what the wives look for is appreciation, love , faithfulness . I see the drama but I ignore it . Because I married my husband he may have a label that says hes a soilder but hes just my hubby, that im proud of.

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