Grandma charged after leaving 6 young grandchildren alone in motel

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Williamsburg , Va. - A 58-year-old grandmother has been charged with child neglect after leaving her six young grandchildren alone for more than 24 hours in the Williamsburg motel where they lived.

According to James City County Police, 58-year-old Taliaferro left the kids at the Pineapple Inn around midnight on April 11th.

It wasn't until around 9:30 a.m. that someone realized the kids were alone and contacted Child Protective Services.

Even then, police say Taliaferro didn't come back until the next day, more than 24 hours after she had left.

"They could have gone anywhere, done anything," says a neighbor.

Police say they don't know where she went, but that she had reportedly been drinking.

"She showed up about a day and a half later, about 4:00 in the morning and the cops arrested her," says a neighbor

Neighbors say the kids always seemed to be fed well but that it wasn't always easy for Taliaferro to care for them.

It's unclear where their parents are. Police say they are now with a family friend.

A manager at the motel says she saw the kids over the weekend and they seem to be doing okay.


      • Honestly....

        Big Boy, I think you’re the one who can’t read. Where does it say her name is Diana?
        And longranger, I think taxpayers are going to be shelling out for this one no matter where their “caretaker” ends up, either by paying for Grandma’s prison term, or for the childrens’ care once they’re on the public dole.

  • longranger06

    Hey Jill what would locking up someone up and throwing away the key do? waste tax payers money on another inmate. how about we find out the situation and get someone help. Instead of just throwing “another one” in jail how about we figure out how to help the lady and those kids. also help the parents of those kids since she isnt their parent.

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