Vehicle fire closes lanes on I-264 W at mile marker 15.3 in Virginia Beach near Witchduck Road

Councilwoman fighting to make Sandbridge Road safer

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Councilwoman Barbara Henley says the windy--two lane narrow roads in her district can be unforgiving.

“If you slip off the road and make a mistake then you can be in big trouble,” says  Jonathan Cupples who lives nearby.

This is true particularly, Sandbridge Road where 5 people have died just in the last two weeks.

It brings a heavy heart to one councilwoman who is fighting for major improvements on these roads

“It's a great burden, but I feel for all the folks that have been involved in these tragedies  and all of the other folks involved in accidents that didn't have fatalities. I just want them to know I'm on top of it and trying to get something done the best I can.”

She's in the middle of budget negotiations with her other councilmen and discussed this very issue at a meeting on Tuesday. The city has made some improvements, widening portions of the road adding more signs and reflectors. But Henley wants more. She’s pushing for improvements on Princess Anne, Indian River and Sandbridge. One of those projects would start at the curve where Wednesday’s deadly accident happened.

“The difficulties that I'm having and letting the rest of the council realize that we have problems here that we really need to be working on,  and we are working on them with these safer improvements incrementally  there are just so many areas that we need to be addressing.”


  • billthewelder

    At least Mrs. Henley actually cares about the residents of Virginia Beach and its visitors, now lets hope that the rest of the council realizes that loosing one child or adult is to many on a road that allows for zero mistakes on many portions of it. There comes a point where wetland protection should not take sway over human safety.

  • Tina

    I’ve lived in VB all my life and countless times have I drove to sandbridge. Nothing is wrong with the roads unless you are at top speeds. The speed limit signs are posted and the speed itself is safe. It’s the dumb “watch this” drivers that want to exceed the limits around those VERY tight turns and then people wonder how they crashed and died? I’m sorry to the lives lost, my heart truly does go out to their families, but It’s drivers own fault.

  • William Bailey

    Ask her if she supports “Nimmo Parkway 7?” It is the four lane road to Sandbridge that she fought against for a decade or more. Maybe she has seen that the roadway is needed?”

  • Tess

    As one person already stated, it’s not a particularly dangerous road if you aren’t speeding. Well, that, and people need to PAY ATTENTION while driving. I’ve almost been slammed into head on by someone going into the ditch, then over correcting into my lane. Put down your phone, your ipod, ignore the kids, and watch the road. Let’s not make excuses for destracted drivers.

  • KIGuy

    They can’t improve Sandbridge road because it would disturb some wetlands. Once again, bugs and turtles are more important than people to environmentalists.

  • Sean Gerety

    There is a big problem that seems to have gone unnoticed by people like Barbara Henley and that is the high number of people who unnecessarily drown at our ocean front every year. When will politicians like Henley start to focus on this deadly problem by proposing we fill in the ocean with sand.


    there are a lot of more dangerous roads out here, maskes a person wonder why she picked this one–personal use or friends?–she always eager to improve the roads to the beach–but elsewhere, not as important to her?

  • RC

    Drive safely, buckle yourself and your kids, don’t drink and drive or race, and these streets are fine!!! Stop blaming the roadways for the reckless disregard of certain drivers…

  • Michael Foy

    I grew up in Sandbridge from 1971 to 1985. I have seen accidents much worse than this recent tragedy. My sister lost her best friend on that road in 1984. I have seen a dead motorcyclist wrapped around a tree, and a Volkswagen that flipped over into a drainage ditch, which drowned the driver. I could write twenty more descriptions of horrible wrecks and fatalities. I wasn’t even a First Responder, I just lived in the North End.
    Finish Ferrel Parkway and the Nimmo extention. It is a lethal farce that better access has not been provided. Sandbridge Road is a killer, and has more than I can count closed for flooding from storms and neap tides. Michael Foy, former residnt of 4121 Sandpiper Road.

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