Norfolk resident: ‘They had my little stepson on the ground with the gun to his head’

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Antwon Robinson had two armed men rush into his home and try to kick in his bedroom door as he hid behind a sofa for protection.

"They was telling me they were going to shoot through the door if I don't open it up," Robinson said.

He was home with two teenage step sons and a nine-year-old when two men broke in.

"They had my little stepson on the ground with the gun to his head," Robinson said.

Robinson had seen the men once before at a cookout he had the weekend before the attack.

"There was no bad, there was no nothing," Robinson said. "That's why I don't understand it was nothing at all."

The two men wouldn't leave until Robinson told the two men he was calling the police.
Robinson gave the names of the two to Norfolk Police. Investigators tell NewsChannel 3 as of Thursday night they are confident an arrest is on the way. Until then, Robinson feels trapped inside the site of the attack.

"I got to sit here and look out my blinds while I sit in the house cause I don't know who's going to come up to my door whatever," Robinson said.

Fortunately Robinson, nor the three kids inside were hurt. Nothing was stolen, and all that was damaged besides his bedroom door is a TV the suspects knocked over as they looked to rob a man they'd only met once at a cookout he hosted days before.


  • Chuck Boyd

    It’s really getting bad,if you don’t carry concealed you need to have firearms in your house to protect your family & property.To many incidences like this happening.Its sad.when I was a kid you didn’t have all this crime going on.Arm yourselves,practice shooting,be prepared.Have a great Easter.

  • Check

    That’s exactly why I have a concealed permit, keep a firearm in my home and have taught my wife how to use them. Glad that no one was hurt!

  • Chriss R.

    I’m sorry this happened. I’m glad everyone is okay. Be careful who you let know where you live. I know even that isn’t a save all. Which is why I have a ruger I’m scary accurate with in an easily accessible hiding spot in my house. I’d let them get into my apartment, they’d be staring down the barrel of my ruger.

  • S A Howard

    Why are you hidding, while your stepson has a gun pointed at him? Looks like you need to get your priorities straight.

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