Which Hampton Roads city is the cheapest for your family?

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When you think of Virginia Beach, what adjectives come to mind? Sand? Fun? Shopping? What about...cheap?

According to the website, Cheapism.com, Virginia Beach is #3 of 10 best cheap cities for raising a family. The website, which promises to find the best, cheap products out there, picked Virginia Beach out of 52 other mid-size U.S. cities.

Many people shopping at Virginia Beach Town Center couldn't believe it.

"You can't believe everything on the Internet," said Jane Rhoades, who grew up in Virginia Beach. "It's surprising, Virginia Beach being a resort city has higher tax rates, season rent that goes up in the summer, parking meters, little things like that add up."

Cheapism.com came to its conclusion by evaluating four factors: cost of living, per-student spending by school districts, violent crime rate and median household income.

In the article, the website admits Virginia Beach has a high cost of living, but reads, "that's offset by high median income, low unemployment, and low sales tax." Meaning the value of the city is worth it, and some residents agree.

"I've traveled a lot and it is one of the better places to live raise a family, " said Virginia Beach resident Jeff Bowab. "I think goods and services are in line with the average here. I think home prices are what skyrocketed, but everything else is good."

"I think it's with living here even if it costs a little bit more based on the fact that we do have a low crime rate," added resident Jason Swango.

Omaha, Nebraska came at the top of the list. To see Cheapism.com's list of top 10 best cheap cities to raise a family, click here.



  • dawn

    They seriously think people are going to believe this. Virginia beach cheap to is by far a cheap place to live.I’m taking they took this poll based on how many people barely make it on minimum wage while the cost of living is three times higher.they only way Virginia beach is cheap on what they pay their the average worker.

  • Jenneane Harvill

    ABSOLUTE LIE!!!! I lived in Virginia Beach for over 20 years before I moved to the Peninsula. As the cost of living went up, so did the crime and the quality of education declined. What once was a personable and friendly place to live is now an over priced play ground for franchises and corporations. No more support for independent business owners or preservation of country living. Keep on developing Pungo, keep on raising taxes, keep on tearing down local landmarks.

  • Cathy

    I fully agree with Jenneane! I work out by the courthouse and it breaks my heart on a daily basis to see what they’re doing to such a beautiful part of the city every day on my drive in to work. Seems like all that’s important lately is “develop, develop, develop”! And, as a single mom, I can tell you that this city is in NO WAY cheap! So many people struggling. If my close family wasn’t all here I would’ve moved to a much cheaper city nearby LONG ago!

  • Jake C.

    I can’t believe this. At all. I live near town center and find that apartment living is incredibly expensive here. When I lived near Atlanta (granted not downtown Atlanta), my rent was HALF of what it is here. And that wasn’t too long ago, so don’t give me any guff about inflation :P. Va Beach is definitely expensive. Someone at cheapism lined their pockets with that article.

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