Girl hit in face by stray bullet

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A teenage girl in Newport News was hit in the face by a bullet after it came flying through a wall.

"There was a bunch of police breaking in her house last night, and they got flash lights and K9 units and coming in her house," a neighbor told NewsChannel 3.

Neighbors say the 18-year-old girl was inside the apartment in the Aqua Vista Apartments complex, on Aqua Vista Drive, when a gunshot came through the wall around 1 a.m.

"I saw her come out and they took her in an ambulance with her blood running through her shirt," she added.

Newport News Police investigators tell NewsChannel 3 when they got to the complex, they discovered the bullet hit the girl in the face, and it looked like the gunshot came from an adjoining apartment, and traveled through the wall.

After investigating, officers say the shot came from right next door, and made its way into the apartment.

Officers tell NewsChannel 3 the girl is in the hospital, but will be okay.

Since last night's shooting, neighbors tell NewsChannel 3 they're fearful for their own families.

"People out here shooting; they don`t consider we have kids. A bullet can go through their window and what are you gonna tell me if my niece or nephew dies? You can`t tell me nothing."

So far, no charges or arrest in last night's shooting. Police say they could be coming, since they're working on positively identifying who fired the shots.


  • Tiler

    Did I miss something???? What Apartment complex in what area in what city? Worse reporting I have ever read!

    • Amy

      Obviously you missed it, it was stated aqua vista apartments and if its Newport News police dept one would assume that its in Newport News

  • Honestly....

    Amy, it’s possible that Tiler saw the article before these facts were added in-articles on this site are frequently updated with additional details later on. So there’s no need to be rude, yes?

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