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Don’t Waste Your Money: The best vacuums for your dollars

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A new vacuum from Kenmore could be the answer to one of the main reasons vacuums stop working, the belt breaks. Consumer Reports just tested the Kenmore Elite 31150 beltless vacuum that costs $350. It’s what’s known as a direct-drive vacuum, where the motor drives the brush directly without a belt.

Consumer Reports put Kenmore’s beltless vacuum through its standard tests. Technicians sprinkle sand onto bare floors, embed sand and talcum powder into carpets, they even use pet hair to challenge the vacuums.

The Kenmore Elite 31150 cleaned up outscoring every other vacuum. It did an excellent job on bare floors and was impressive on carpets and has strong suction.

Most vacuums still come with belts. And if yours breaks, Consumer Reports says it isn’t hard to replace. There are basically two ways to access the belt. One requires a screwdriver and the other one just requires releasing a couple clips on the cover. You just undo the clips and the cover slides off. Then you slide the brush off the belt and then slide the belt off. Now you can install a new one.

Consumer Reports says to maintain your vacuum, it’s a good idea to clean hair and carpet fibers from the brush roll on a regular basis. Also, change bags before they are totally full. If you hear or feel anything unusual consider taking it to a repair shop before it becomes a major issue.

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