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Couple’s donation to Beach schools sparks controversy

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NewsChannel 3 took action recently for the Virginia Beach Public Schools' Beach Bags program.

We got together enough food to feed more than forty kids and gave $500 to feed even more.

Local attorney David Faggert and his wife were inspired to do much more. They have $20,000 - enough to fund the program for the rest of the school year.

They wanted to stay anonymous but hoped their gift would encourage others, so they came forward.

"The response has been wonderful and I hope that each person that's responded would in turn give what they could," Faggert says.

We received a big response on our Facebook page, but not all the reaction was positive.

Many asked about the Virginia Lottery and the schools. The money does, indeed, go to the schools, but it's not "extra" money.

Leaders in Richmond use the Virginia Lottery money to pay for "all school programs." There is no extra.

So when it comes to public education in Virginia, it's the lottery or bust.