Teen seduced by school worker: ‘This has basically ruined me’

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Virginia Beach, Va. - The 16-year-old boy at the center of a sex scandal with a former Virginia Beach Schools employee is speaking out only to NewsChannel 3 investigator Jessica Larche.

"It's overwhelming," the boy said Tuesday with his mother at his side. "This has not physically hurt me, but mentally it's hurt me a lot."

The boy said he decided to speak out after judges in Norfolk and Virginia Beach did not sentence Perez to actual jail time for the indecent liberties charges.

He was 15 when a 23-year-old Patience Perez first approached him at Renaissance Academy last march.  Perez was an assistant security guard at the time.

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"She saw me in the middle of the hallway and gave me her number and her email," he said.  "Like any other teenager, you would think that you're the man.  You got this older female that's giving you her contact information."

"Initially it was supposed to like the thing where, we just like, have sex and then like that's it.  But then it turned into something much more.  It turned into a relationship," he said.

During their month-long affair, the married mother would routinely bring him to her home in Norfolk after school, or he would sneak out of his Virginia Beach home when his mother was asleep.

"We were drinking, you know, smoking," he said, confirming what Perez has admitted to in court documents.

The boy said her husband was rarely home because of duties as a sailor, and he said she claimed her husband was abusive and even joked about wanting him dead.

Their affair ended when his mother caught Perez at the boy's home and reported it to police.  More than a year and several court appearances later, a Norfolk judge gave Perez suspended jail time, and a Virginia Beach judge deferred sentencing for a year.

"If it was a dude, if it was an older man and a younger female about my age, that dude would be locked up for rest of his life," the boy said.

"This has basically like ruined me," said the boy.

He and his mother have started a petition demanding Virginia judges give harsher sentences for crimes like this.  He hopes that will encourage others in his shoes to come forward.

"Don't be afraid to let everything out," he said.  "I'm going through it and I'm finding the strength to speak up."


  • Karen

    Yeah,,,right. Ruined you how? Just a way for you to try and get some easy money by suing someones a** off. Such BS!

      • Lucid Meaghan Dhabolt

        I wonder how many of you would be singing the same tune if a girl said the same thing? Gender bias is a lovely thing no? Just because he was involved in the act doesn’t mean he was all that willing of a participant.

        • Lindsey Higgins

          How many times was this male not a willing participant? Two, four times? I suppose he did not willingly sneak out of his house too. This guy was not a victim, he was a sexually active male. The only truth that came from his mouth is the statement regarding gender bias and sexual crimes, but it was done in the name of self interest alone.

  • Dan

    Save your tears, I’m not buying it.
    All you had to do was say no to her.
    Your life isn’t ruined…hers is. What she
    did was wrong…but dragging the situation
    through the mud shows your real character.
    Now go high-five your buddies and go look
    for your next victim.

  • CommonSense

    Even if the roles were reversed, I’d feel the same way about this situation. It is unfair for him to give consent, even voluntarily sneak out of his home, and then complain that it has ruined him. I felt the same way about the situation at Salem High School involving a male teacher and female student. Now, unless these sources are leaving out some very important details, this boy was far from forced into anything. I thought the mother was crazy, her son may be just as bad. Playing “victim” because people found out about his affair with a teacher… What a joke.

  • DCbound

    He was having the time of his life until it was exposed and now he’s playing the poor victim to set up a Mo Money lawsuit.

    The old “I be ruined” whine .

    • I smell a RAT

      Aint that the truth….after a 6 mo. time of his life. His mom finds out & wam!! Now he has got to do what his Mommy says. This is BS….. iF HE TRULEY THOUGHT IT WAS WRONG , HE WOULD HAVE SAID SOMETHING EARLIER

  • wiseking

    “If it was a dude, if it was an older man and a younger female about my age, that dude would be locked up for rest of his life,” the boy said.

    Let’s not beat around the bush here, scratch all of this just say if you were black or are black.

  • chelsey

    He knew what was happening in the beginning. It all changed when mama found out and now he feels ruined? Come on now, you already had authority issues if you were at renaissance. Innocent or victim you are not.

  • TheNannyRules


    There are so many unsympathetic comments here. Unbelievable. I’m sure most of you don’t care about how he feels because he’s a 16 year old black juvenile. He even admitted that he was “cool” with sex and drugs until she wanted a more serious. Have you all forgotten that this “dude” was just 15 years old when she seduced him? Most cases like this, the youth seems to think it’s cool that a teacher wants to treat them like an adult and do adult things with them, but in fact these actions are towards CHILDREN/MINORS, regardless!! And statutory rape truly scars them in life. They have a jilted perception of adults… and sex… and relationships after that.

    I applaud him for coming forward. You all shouldn’t make judgements on situations you know nothing about. Get a DEGREE.

    • Rae

      When my son approached me in this regard, I told him that he would open himself up to be ridiculed and he didn’t care. He believes that this type of behavior has to stop and if he spoke up, maybe it would help other young boys that have be manipulated and abused. I commend him and I’m very proud of him.

      • kimbo

        What is your problem. The lady made a mistake all you been doing is attacking her all this time. You forget were all human we all make mistakes in our lives. We all know about the 20 year old he has pregnant so that is a mistake with your son getting her pregnant is it not. How about you leave this lady alone let her live her life and you live yours and stop acting like she is all you live for. Move on with your life you have a grandkid coming from your 16 year old son.

  • TheNannyRules

    This really isn’t an easy situation to be in. It takes a lot of courage to admit to something like this, especially when you can expect to be ridiculed by your peers and even adults. I hope that woman gets the time in jail that she deserves for statutory rape of a minor. And I hope the young man can move on and try to have a normal life.

  • JohnQPublic

    After reading several articles about this, I am of the impression that the mother is an angry person, in general. She wants this woman to be hated by all and spoke out against the woman’s husband for not hating his wife and the mother of his children. The mother seems pushy and controlling. This would cause her son to be a discipline problem that landed him in a school for the wayward and continuing to engage in wayward activities. It seems like the mother is holding this over her son’s head. He is trying to make his mother happy and I get the feeling he fails to do so often. She said in another article “[Patience Perez] put him in the position of a man,” the mother said. “How does he get his teenage years back? They’re gone” She has told her son his life is ruined. The mother should seek therapy for her feelings about all of this because she isn’t helping her son to cope as long as she is treating him like he is 5. Perez has some sick issues to deal with too! I get the feeling the boy does things he shouldn’t in an effort to prove, to himself, he is a man because mommy won’t let him grow up. The young man and older woman knew what they were doing. Perez seems to have been upfront and honest from the time she was caught and told the mother she had slept with her son to now. The mom wants Perez’s blood for some personal reason. Why isn’t she going after the pregnant 20 y/o? Her son is still looking to prove he is a man and mommy still sees a 5 y/o baby. Perez was in the wrong, that is without a doubt! She knew better and she is attracted to the ability to control and be in control like male pedophiles. Apparently there is more to the court case than we are being told for the sentencing to be so light. Maybe Perez is getting the help she requires and mom isn’t seeking help for herself or her young man she see’s as a baby who is not responsible for anything he does as it’s always someone elses fault! I trust the legal system knows more about this than we are being told by this mother through the media. Especially if a 20 y/o pedophile is pregnant with this underage teens child! There is definitely more to the story and it’s a personal grudge by the mother. I feel sorry for the young man as his misery is clearly coming from his mother. She said so herself in another article “He doesn’t want to deal with this anymore,” she said. “It’s tearing him apart.” yet she is forcing him to keep dealing with it in her appeal to send Perez to prison while condoning his continuance to seek out older women for relationships. He is parroting his mom to please her! She needs to start allowing him to grow up before he lands into some serious trouble in an effort to prove to her he is a man! This is tragic all the way around!

  • Rae

    To set the record straight I don’t have a personal vendatte against Patience Perez. In addition, I addressed her husband, not understanding how anyone can stay with a person, that wanted you dead. Please get your facts straight before you quote something I have said or didn’t say. I have a problem with female pedophiles getting a slap on the wrist for crimes against impressionable boys going through puberty, period. She tried to persuade my son to kill her husband by several means, people seem to have forgotten that. I feel ALL women who molest little boys, should get prison time and not be treated any differently than male predators. JohnQPublic you don’t know me personally, so you don’t know what I have done with regards to my son or myself. I did not make my son put himself in a position to be ridiculed or judged, he chose to be interviewed. My son decided to speak out, to help others that have been molested by females in a position of authority. I commend him for doing so and will continue to support him in all positive endeavors! I don’t recall sitting in any therapy sessions with you or you administering any type of medication. You’re entitled to your opinion, but you do not know what you are talking about. Ask me, if you’re so concerned. If you are in support of what we’re standing for as far as female predators, please sign our petition. Thank you.


  • Kelly

    Are you pressing charges against the to be mother of his child? If not what is the difference in your eyes? Could it be the mother to be is black?

  • Anon

    I want to sign the petition but I don’t want my private information being displayed on the website. Is there another way to sign your petition?. I agree with you(Rae) and your son–if the roles/race were reversed there would have been a very different outcome, no matter the background of the MINOR!!! Also people making these unrelated comments about him fathering a child with a 20 yr old woman, the difference is this encounter with this security officer was initially in a PUBLIC SCHOOL and this person was an authority figure over him.

    • Rae

      Thank you for your comment. My son and I prepared ourselves for the backlash. We’re going to continue to fight regardless. I don’t know any other way to sign the petition, other then using another email account that you don’t use or an address you previously lived at. Thank you, again.

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