Neighbors want to put the brakes on speeders in Norfolk

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Norfolk, Va. - A “children playing” sign isn't enough to slow drivers down on 38th street.

NewsChannel 3 clocked some drivers doing more than 20 miles per hour over the speed limit.

Sadly neighbors say it's taken a little boy being hit yesterday for others to notice the problem. This is making it a dangerous task for the dozens of kids who cross the street to the playground every day.

That's what witnesses say the young boy was doing when an SUV hit him.
Norfolk police haven't said if speed had anything to do with it, but either way, neighbors believe it could have been prevented.

“They need to put some bumpers on these streets. They need to put some more signs safe for the kids to cross the street. We don't have no cross walk for the kids crossing the street. It’s a playground right here. Why would there not be a cross walk?” says a neighbor.

The same question Desiree Poitier says she asked the city of Norfolk when she moved in a year ago. “They didn’t want to give up this parking space right here to put a crosswalk,” says Poitier.

This is giving drivers no reason to slow down.

The speed limit sign way down the block reads 25 miles per hour, many drivers we clocked today were doing between 25 and 30 but, others flew right by us leaving kids to cross at their own risk. This is leading parents to believe that no one cares.


  • Cpro

    It’s the same thing in 5 points area. Yesterday a young lady tried to pass me on the right hand side of the road on Robin Hood Rd, which is a single lane in each direction. All the while she was playing with her cell phone!
    Everyday I get passed on Chesapeake blvd by speeders traveling at least 20 mph over the posted speed limit of 30. I wish the city would crack down hard!

  • Honestly....

    I completely agree with everything stated in the article, but I’d like to suggest that perhaps residential neighborhoods should be equipped with signs posting the speed limit as a reminder. The Va Beach neighborhood I live in is a maze of residential streets, and the majority of them have no posted speed limit. I always keep it at 25 or under, but I can’t count the number of idiots who have practically driven into my trunk trying to get me to go faster. It is simply not safe enough to do so-cars are parked bumper to bumper along the street, blocking a driver’s view of pedestrians, and there are many children playing and walking to school or to the playgrounds nearby. Once a little boy chased a toy out into the street right in front of me-just popped out from between two parked vehicles and if I’d been going faster, I wouldn’t have been able to stop. Scared the wits out of me-I’ve never come so close to hitting someone. Having a visual reminder like a sign, or maybe a speedbump or two, or a police presence, would be very helpful. Or maybe I should just slap a bumper sticker on my car, suggesting to the jerk behind me that getting up ten minutes earlier in the morning will cost him/her a lot less than rear-ending me, because I’m not going to jeopardize someone’s life so he/she can get to work on time.
    One other point I’d like to make is regarding the six year old who was hit by a car (and fortunately is doing better, I hear). Assuming that the dirver was speeding is a bit unfair-it’s just as likely that the child didn’t look before crossing the street. And why is a six year old crossing the street without an adult? Not in my house! Parents need to either accompany their children, or make very, very sure they teach them about road safety. It often takes two to cause an accident.

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