Baby reveal gone wrong! Big brother finds out about a third sister

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Watch what happens when Gunner finds out he’ll be a big brother to a third sister… instead of the baby brother he wanted.

“I hate girls,” he’s heard crying. “Every time it’s girls, girls, girls, girls!”


  • Judy

    Little G-man will get over it. I’m more concerned with the remarks by the father, that he had the same reaction. What an awful thing to say in front of his wife and two daughters. Hope they don’t show this video to the third daughter when she’s old enough to “laugh” at it.

    • Becca

      Oh seriously…get over it! Any dad with 2 girls already would say the same thing….it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love them or his wife any less, or will love the new baby any’s just a silly comment during a sweet family moment! I don’t think anyone will be traumatized over it! GEEZ!!! The little boy just wanted a brother to play with! He’s just a kid..and the dad was just making a funny comment (probably thinking ahead to the teenage years and having 3 teenage daughters! lol!)….I know my husband would of said the same thing if he were in that situation! lol!

    • Ohh So Focused

      There is nothing wrong with this child or the father. He was merely sympathizing with his son. Everyone is over analyzing the situation. I felt the same way when I had 5 sons. He just wanted a lil sister. He’s not autistic, he is emotional. Everyone has a emotional breakdown at least once..get over yourselves…and if anyone gets a bruising for having emotions- ahh that abuse..very questionable..not judging…

  • Honestly....

    Wow, do people baby boys these days. Why does everyone think this is funny? He wouldn’t throw a tantrum like that in THIS house, I can tell you. And a kid that age crying over something so silly? Shame on his parents for allowing it!

    • Charlie Goose

      If I ever had a tantrum like that over something so silly, my father would’ve hit me with a monkey wrench.

    • Ohh So Focused

      It would be disfunctional to not allow a child to vent. Emotions are okay. the dad was only sympathizing with him son. It can be disappointing. But, the father told him several times it is okay. He handled the situation great vs. showing anger.the kid could have thrown the cake. So, no agression was shown. I’m sure he had a conversation with his son afterwards that wasn’t taped. Wow. We live in such a judgemental world. There is no manual to parenting. We all just try our best. Even some of the dysfunctional ones.

    • whatiswrongwithyou

      Well im sorry that youre such a bad parent. If your little boy isnt allowed to express his disapointment through a tiny tantrum I bet the poor kid walks around like a zombie who is afraid of his parents… shame on you parent of tge year.

    • Margaret

      He’s not a little “man” – he’s a little “boy”. And it’s obvious he was extremely disappointed by the news he got. Kids this age tend to get upset over things that we seem usually think are no big deal. I don’t understand why everyone thinks it is so awful at this child got this upset over what he perceives to be the worst news in the world.

  • Margaret

    Oh seriously people??? Lighten up! I can tell you from experience that he is not the first child to react this way to finding out that they are not having the brother or sister they wanted. And does one meltdown REALLY mean that the child is an out-of-control brat or that the parents have no business raising kids? And for the rest of you commenting about dad’s comments, don’t you think that maybe he was being sarcastic and simply making those comments to try to make his son feel a little better? And guess what? He wouldn’t be the first man on the face of the Earth to not want another female in the house! All this video shows is a few moments in the life of this family. We can’t presume to know anything about them based on this short video!

  • Margaret

    And one last thing – maybe this little boy is Autistic or has some other disorder that affects a person’s social or emotional skills. That might explain why he is taking this news so hard. But then again, he might just be extremely tired or really just angry that he’s not getting a brother! My point is that there could be a lot of reasons for what we just saw in that video and we should not rush to judge anybody, least not this little boy. Please be kind, folks.

  • Amber Yancey

    I must have been the only one to notice the 3 year old walk across the top of the table and start playing with a knife during big bros tantrum. And mom is off camera… Someone be a parent and console the kid instead of film him for YouTube…

    • mom

      No I totally was paying attention to this child as well. I guess after 3 children, you just let them do whatever they want.

  • Elizabeth Vaughan

    So sad for this little boy that his Dad would put this on you-tube to live in cyber space forever. Everyone is concerned about their own privacy yet totally disrespect their children’s . How would Dad like it if we post videos of him in the nursing home someday .

  • Ruth Martin

    I see nothing wrong with this on here. I assure you it will be a big laugh in a few years. I will bet a 10.00 bill he ate that cake and got over this in no time at all. Do not judge them over a 3 min clip folks you do not know them at all.

  • Michele rodgers

    seriously people are so uptight it is ridiculous. We have the opposite in our house- 5 boys! When our older 3 found out number 4 and then number 5 were both also boys, they were bummed!!! They were so hoping for one little baby sister. Kids are kids. And as a mom to 5 boys I can tell you I feel nothing but grateful for having 5 healthy boys, but I too was bummed at the thought of never havig a daughter. It didnt make me love my boys any less. they are all wanted and are my entire world. get over it people and stop looking for reasons to tear people apart. this video made me laugh and almost made me cry the sadness for that little boy in that moment was tangible. He was probably over it by the end of that day. can you blame him for wanting a brother for a playmate? I mean seriously! It was a real moment by a great family who obviously live their life and don’t waste their time worrying excessively about what stick up the *** opinions people may have. Ridiculous. Happy for this family and hey maybe they will give it one more shot and try for that boy- although if they can learn anything from my family, it may not work out that way lol!!! love love love my boys. best wishes to this family…and Lord help that older brother and the father when those girls are teens!!!! ;)

    • bunnychi75 (@bunnychi75)

      Yeah, my friend is the same way, he has five boys as well, two from a previous marriage, and three with his current one! He wants a little girl more than anything, but I don’t know if his wife wants any more, they’re all under the age of 8! Lol! The kid just wants to have a brother to play with, and he more than likely feels left out, since a majority of the things in the house–mom included–is girly! Girls aren’t too bad, but I’m thankful for the son I prayed for! :)

  • D. Bello

    I have 3 sisters and one brother (he’s the oldest). We are now in our 30’s and 40’s, I think my brother loves all of 4 of us and probably wouldn’t want it any other way :<)

  • Joan Marion

    So that’s how this guy teaches his kid about disappointment? Put his reaction on you tube? Why subject the kid to that? He is going to be humiliated when he gets older with that.

  • Ann

    I think it would have hurt my feelings terribly had I known my father would rather have had boys instead of the all girls he did get. Thankfully, he never said one world about ever wanting a son, and actually was probably tired of boys after having grown up with a bunch of little brothers.

  • Di

    The kid’s reaction will be funny someday. But the daughter who someday sees this video will hear her dad say he was bummed like her brother when he found out what a “disappointment” she was because she was a girl. Bad move on the dad’s part in his commentary on the video.

  • Ron Smith

    You women are unreal. It’s funny and he’s saying something he feels, he isn’t saying he doesn’t respect his wife or daughters. So typical, hence the reason he’s crying…

  • Sandra M

    My brother is the middle child of 5 children, the other 4 girls. I’m sure he reacted the same way when my sister and I arrived. I’m also sure my father would have said the same thing this father said. Of course they wanted a boy, who wouldn’t? Doesn’t mean they’ll love this new baby girl any less. My brother is almost 50 and still crying because he has 4 sisters :)

  • Marianne

    This breaks my heart. I was the baby sister with the brother who had a tantrum when he found out I was a girl. He was horrible and abusive my entire life. He made me wish I was dead. I don’t think this is funny or cute. I hope this family handles it better than mine did. Although, seeing the daughter scoot over the table and that this video was even posted concerns me.

  • Adreon

    This dad is a creep. His son is a creep. Anyone who thinks this is funny, hates women. Really. I grew up on a football field–as a girl–and never heard this kind of misogyny, EVER. The dad hear doesn’t seem to recognize that his daughters are really hurt by his fascination with his son’s disdain for women. Good job creep. You just terrified your girls.

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