Oops: Angry driver gets a little instant karma

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WARNING: This video contains a graphic gesture that may be offensive to some.

One Florida woman encountered a pretty angry driver, but instead of having to respond, a little instant karma happened as she was recording.

According to fox2now.com, a man in a truck was tailgating the woman in the small car and as he passed her, he angrily flipped her the bird and what happens next is something he’ll never forget.

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    • Hattie Blythe Pierce

      Why? The guy in the pickup was wrong to pass her on the right. She wasn’t doing anything wrong. the redneck yahoo was and he got what he had comming to him. HE should had kept his eyes on the road instead of flipping her the bird and grinning in her face like an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    Why? She did nothing illegal. It was clear there was a truck in the right lane and she even said she was getting ready to make a left turn (which she did right after his accident). I get it, the right lane is for passing but she was passing. As for her videoing while driving, she obviously had the camera turned around while she drove looking forward. That’s no more distracting than talking, texting, putting make up on, lighting a cigarette, etc. All of those things are common while driving on 64 around here and no one seems to have a problem with it.

  • Anon

    Good for him, but at the same time she was on her cell phone! I bet she was probably talking on it that’s why the dude got pissed!

  • marie

    the driver was so busy recording her speed and the driver behind her how was she keeping her eyes on the road. She could have politely merged into the right lane. I hope her karma follows her quickly.

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