Naked selfie of Chesapeake school teacher posted on social media

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Chesapeake, Va. - A naked selfie of a Western Branch High School teacher and coach standing completely naked in front of a bathroom mirror, holding his private parts has been posted to social media and has quickly spread to some of his own students.

"She was like 'Oh my God, mom. You're not going to believe this. Look at this picture.' like she was shocked,” a Chesapeake mom who doesn’t want to be identified tells NewsChannel 3.

She says her ninth-grade daughter showed her the photo sent to her on Twitter Tuesday night.

"Everybody knows about it she said. She said it was like the talk of the school yesterday."

While the mom says the rumor is that the teacher sent the photo to a student, police say he may actually be the victim.

For that reason, NewsChannel 3 chose not to identify him at this time.

More than a year ago, police say the teacher reported his phone stolen to his cell phone provider.

Then, Tuesday night he found out the very personal picture saved on that phone had been shared on the web.

NewsChannel 3 traced the photo to an Instagram profile where close-ups of private parts and even naked body shots are being posted anonymously by VAWarning 757. And the user is calling out for others to submit those photos in order to expose the "hoes" of Virginia Beach and Chesapeake.

Police say they do have a couple of potential suspects in mind, but they're still investigating.

Chesapeake Public Schools officials say their human resources department is also looking into it, but they can’t comment further as it is a personnel matter.

Since NewsChannel 3 first aired this story at four o’clock Wednesday evening, the user changed the Instagram account name.


  • The Don

    This social media stuff is doom ! Parents should not allow their kids on it, …stuipd @$$ stuff …

  • Larry

    So lets victimize the teacher even more by posting this on the website and on TV!!!! Everything doesnt need to be put on the news. You guys just want ratings!

  • Colin

    How about next time you guys are going to broadcast a news story you should be sure you know the facts instead of victimizing a victim even more by plastering it on the internet and news…

  • Western Branch

    It takes a really ignorant person to accuse a man of such things. The news team has no proof or idea of what has occurred. It is sickening that as human beings you will exploit a man of his stature. What good does it do to post his picture on the internet and television? You are adding fuel to the fire and it is completely unnecessary! This man is a victim of a cruel act and you choose to make it worse. I hope the news team sleeps well at night knowing what they have done.

  • WBHS

    This teacher is one of the best at WBHS. He inspires many and is a great man. Shame on the parent for saying that for their own acclaim and for the author of this to include a “rumor” form a parent who obviously was misinformed about the situation is not only unprofessional but unethical as well. And shame on Channel 3 for running this article to boost their failing ratings. It is personal business not a story. The day the public fully understands how manipulative the media will be an amazing day.

  • Brendan Michael Lane

    You guys are terrible for reporting on this. This poor teacher is already in enough pain from this and you want to bring it to everyones attention? This is so “out there” now that Im seeing this and I live in Texas.

  • yana

    All sympathy for the teacher. Glad he didn’t lose his job but I still have to ask…who takes a selfie of themselves holding their junk?

  • lglover

    Why make this for the news it was a setup…..that’s a Good teacher y’all helping expose…its obvious he was setup he not that type to send this to no Seen student…They wrong an y’all should left this pic off at least smh…..find some thing else plz to report and leave this one off..Them kids. Really like that teacher


    Teachers and students should not be connected on the social media sites at ALL! This person definitely has an image problem posting his naked body online. If you want to do that Playgirl will buy pics.

  • Thea

    WTKR We are a community are totally taken back and really PISSED that you would post this segment with this picture. Totally a bad move and a low blow to a respected member and mentor to our community!

  • Media Buffoons

    WTKR states “For that reason, NewsChannel 3 chose not to identify him at this time.”, yet they post a pic that includes a job description below it. I hate the media. Most of them are deplorable, despicable human beings that could truly care less who they hurt as long as the get “the story”.

    You are hypocritical within your very own article. Everyone is always guilty until proven innocent in today’s society. Welcome to the 24 hour news cycle.

    Sleep well tonight NewsChannel 3. Hopefully none of you are victimized in the future by your profession’s very own lack of integrity.

  • Leiah

    And who’s to say he wasn’t doing
    It for cancer awareness you guys like posting about naked men post about the ones some more in their
    Socks for cancer awareness.

  • Dan McDermott

    I wonder what WKTR would do if a CD-ROM were stolen from him and images from his colonoscopy leaked onto the web? Something like “up-the-butt pictures of Chesapeake…”?

    Mighty kind of you to not post his name. What if the police had said he was a suspect, but he was later found to be the victim as appears to be the case? How would you restore his reputation? When did you hand over editorial control to the police?

  • Garrrrg

    This is terrible, tearing apart the life of an INNOCENT VICTIM to get ratings on your news story. This is the work of some awful brat, who is not only a theif, but should be charged AS AN ADULT for posting pictures like this without the owners consent. IT is a CRIME to do this.

    My heart goes out to this guy. He did NOTHING wrong but decide to spend his life trying to educate a bunch of worthless kids.

  • laurennicole3490

    As a WBHS alumni, I am appalled that WTKR ran this story and has not only singled this man out by stating his job title and association with the baseball team but has also humiliated him and put his reputation on the line; not to mention his career. How would your staff like to come into work one day knowing that the entire community now knows their personal business? This educator is one of the best at Western Branch High and is also one of the most dedicated coaches we know. He is a mentor to the students in the Western Branch community and doesn’t deserve this!! Way to go WTKR!!!!

    • Dan McDermott

      You’re saying that “she” — the apparently rather hairy male teacher — should not have been a skank? I suggest that you work on both your eyesight and reading comprehension.

  • Dan McDermott

    Jackie Morlock joined the WTKR “news” team in March 2013

    I wonder if Jackie will make it to a full year?

  • Lexi M

    Before making rumors or telling stories learn the real facts… He is one of the best teachers at western branch! He has really made a postitive impact in almost every student at WBHS

  • A Student

    This shouldn’t be posted online. It is only adding to the problem and his embarassment. What a low thing to do to a human being.

  • R S

    maybe your shouldn’t take pictures of yourself like that? and hey isnt it creepy if he had this pic of himself on his phone and took it to school? gross

    • WBHS alum

      He’s married with a new kid. If he wants to take pics for his wife then that’s his business. This man is a decent guy and a great mentor. In hindsight, I’m sure he’s already kicking himself for having such private information on his phone when it was stolen. But he is a victim and he doesn’t deserve to be judged at all. His reputation, his career, and his self-esteem have greatly been affected. This picture is out there and it’s not going anywhere. My little brother told me that he seems to be depressed now. And of course, kids being kids are going to be cruel. They’ve reposted him and they mock him, and he has to continue to work in that environment. Have a little sympathy.

  • piper

    Thank you R.S. Anyone who would take a picture of themselves like this on their phone & then bring it to a public school does not belong in a 5 mile radius of a school – great mentor guys !!! He is Not a victim !!!

    • max

      I don’t understand why he shouldn’t be allowed to have pictures on his own private phone, no matter where he is. Your comment is just pathetic. It must be hard to be so pure and have to live amongst us heathens. Grow up

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