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Accused animal hoarder: ‘I take better care of my dogs than anybody takes care of their kids’

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Terry Shinaberry's house, where he kept more than 60 dogs, is far from clean.

"You don't see dog (poop) everywhere," said Shinaberry.

The 58-year-old stays in his living room with the handful of Australian Shepherds he still has.

"Are you a hoarder?" Shinaberry was asked.

"No, I'm a breeder," Shinaberry replied.

Monday Shinaberry gave up most of his dogs. He's been charged with animal cruelty.
Sadness took over as he surrendered his pets. The Humane Society says some of the dogs were emaciated.

"I take better care of my dogs than anybody takes care of their kids," Shinaberry said. "Especially around here. These are my children. This is my family."

Shinaberry says he was overwhelmed, admitting he had too many dogs.
But he insists he was able to give them proper care.

"If they take everything from a man who has nothing else to lose what do you do then?" Shinaberry said, fighting off tears. "It's a very dark path to go."

His legal troubles started after a vet deemed a puppy he had just sold to someone malnourished.

Shinaberry says he would take in special needs dogs from other breeders he calls careless.

"After what they've done to me and tried to make me look like I'm some kind of monster cause this is what I do," Shinaberry said. "No. I'm done with those people. If they got a bad dog they're going to have to take it somewhere else."

Shinaberry says he's too old to breed any more dogs. He's left in a house full of dog supplies, devastated he only has five of his beloved Aussies.


More than 50 dogs found at Hertford County Home, owner charged with animal cruelty


  • Honestly....

    Good grief, if that guy told me his dogs were better off than my kid, I wouldn’t know whether to laugh or punch him in the nose. Wackos like this one give honest breeders a bad name. I can’t believe they actually left five dogs there-he shouldn’t own ANY animals! Hoarders may have good intentions, but what does that matter when it comes to the animals’ safety? He needs help, not more pets!

  • kelly

    Where does this article say that this man starved his animals? And they were kept in cages? Is there another article stating that? Don’t believe everything the media puts out. This is AR garbage. And what kind of help does this man need? To learn to be like most people these days, no compassion. I’d rather have compassion.

    • JK

      Have you seen the animals? I have… I work for one of the shelters they were brought. They were Malnourished, blind, some blind AND deaf and severly matted. Excuses are easy to make for someone who doesnt have a voice to speak for themselves…

      • terry Shinaberry

        Bah B/S lies we all seen they were dogs and they were fed well they were happy. The blind one was born that way so should we kill it? say you had a brother born deft and blind so you want put him down too. Is brushing one a law now ok now were going to let enities like yours to run a dogs lifes for them. Dogs are pack animals didn’t you know?. People want to put bows in there hair and play dress up and treat them like there humans and there not, so get real.. your not thinking of them only your selfs., there happiest as God made them as dogs. Thinking your helping it’s not in that case you guys sometimes do more harm to them then you realize. God knows.

        • JK

          B/S ok you keep believing it..As I said before and will again, it is so easy for you to make excuses because the dogs cannot speak for themselves. And alittle FYI since you are so misinformed NSPCA is a NO KILL shelter….they won’t be put down

          • terry Shinaberry

            Here whats behind all of it. It started with Trinity White as a new pet adopter, but in fact ( see the reg’d littter and the puppy she sign for the puppy with her name as clear as day on it. She started all of this she’s a AKC breeder and seller of aussies as well as she is also corp. levle member of the White Rabbit Corp. and the owner of the company Trinity White Shep./ Mario Gomez/ Undetermined. LOOK IT UP. There are others in this corp involved. Look my friend you have no idea what this is really about. The White Rabbit Corp is a muiti million dollar corp. Involved in all aspects of dogs and animals. Reg’d with the Agriclture, Forestry fishing and hunting. If you doubt what I say cnn will clue you in soon enough. This is very seious for them that are involved. Keep very good records, and I truly hope that none of your out fit is involved. truly. Look it up.

        • JK

          Who’s doing them harm? NOT me….I don’t put bows in my dogs hair I don’t dress mine up and I am well aware that they are pack animals as I grew up with 2 full blooded grey wolves. Excuses excuses all I am hearing…. I hear nothing of reason in anything you have posted and there is no point in going back and forth with you because you will never see the error of your ways…. I will be happy to see these babies go to wonderful people who love them and will treat them with the respect they deserve. Have a blessed day…..

  • Lasandra Walter-Clem

    The media brainwashes the public with sensationalism… and the public believes it. I don’t see any starved dogs or any filthy conditions. He may have had a few too many by someone’s standards but that doesn’t equal charging him with cruelty or hoarding. These dogs will be held in small cages with no room to move in some so called shelter, until they are sold/er “adopted” out for money or…more likely killed. How is that better than the loving home they were taken from??

    We as individuals should have the right to live how we want with WHAT we want as long as it is not detrimental to anyone else. I don’t see that happening here.

  • Faith Miller

    The video did not show a “hoarders” house it was realitivly clean did not have things piled up everywhere and the dogs that they showed looked fat and well cared for. Even the teeth on the one that they showed looked clean! This is just another raid done to hurt someone because somebody else got pissed at him for something. These raids are seldom done for the good of the animals. If it were for the good of the animals they would have HELPED the man not taken the dogs and stuck them in a crowded shelter somewhere with strangers and strange dogs! I am getting so very sick of these unnecessary raids. This man did NOTHING except be different than normal and so he got attacked! Just cause someone thinks that he can not care for 60 dogs does not mean that he can’t . He looked like he was doing a pretty good job.

  • terry Shinaberry

    Do you really think that he did any thing to harm any one or any animal quite the other way around. Look at tricreekaussies theres a page there says The HSUS took his dogs as well as all sort of information concering this breed. it’s to the top under more tab on the right. Look and then make up your own mind. The rescues I been adoping out no charge just to good people and many have wonderful homes what the news is saying is edited to look like something else entiely Just go to that site and see what the truth is for your self. I been doing this in this one spot for 17 years. I’m well known and I help so many other people with there pets. All you need to do is come here in person i’ll show you anything you like there is 2 acres fenced in, including a creek for swimming and many more things here just for dogs. Much rather be around dogs then nasty people any day. Every dog that had any minor problem was being treated here any problems i couldn’t handle they went to the vets. I have all the evidence. All the neg things said can be disproved and this was nothing like they say it was. They stoild them it’s that easy to see..Go look for your self. I gave them the rescues freely because they could rehome them faster then me. But the ones in my lines and my reg”d breeders were taken by warrant illegally read it your self it’s been posted on the site. So how is that a voluntary transfer of owner ship? Now there being adobted out that’s not how it’s done by the letter of the law. Lawyers have been contacted all ready. All this is just starting and a three page letter was sent to the ACLU. With all there saying unrelated to dogs about me you need to think for your self come out and visit talk to a few nabobs come meet the dogs take a walk around the place. THen make up your own mind I have nothing to hide i never did. I’m well with in the law and my civle liberties were violated.

    • terry Shinaberry

      White Rabbit Corp. Trinity White, HCAC, and many others will be getting served the story will be on CNN any one else that had anything to do with it this will be arrested the feds dont play.You guys best check the facts and get your records in order do not move any one of the aussie’s you took from me. http://www.tricreekaussies.com See White Rabbit Corp. all documents will be posted there call your Lawyers tell them right away.I hope your group isn’t involved I really do.

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