Microsoft will give you $100 to buy a new PC

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NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — If you’re still using Windows XP, you just won $100 from Microsoft.

The only catch is that you have to upgrade to a new Windows 8 computer.

Those who are eligible for the promotion can redeem the credit at Microsoft’s online store or their retail shops — and the fact that you still use the 13-year old Windows XP is subject to verification by Microsoft. The offer is good for PCs ranging in price from $599 and $2,299 and will run until June 15.

The promotion is part of Microsoft’s plan to get the last remaining Windows XP users off the operating system before the April 8 end of life date. After April 8, Microsoft will no longer issue security updates to address viruses and exploits to the operating system.

The latest figures from NetMarketShare still show Windows XP pulling 30% of Windows users, though the vast majority of those are thought to be PCs from China and the enterprise space.

Windows 8 meanwhile, has recently moved past 10% market share amongst Windows users.


    • steve

      Barbara, XP will still be usable but Microsoft will no longer provide updates to stop malicious users from hacking or harming your computer. Also you will no longer be able to call Microsoft for help resolving XP issues.

      With 30% of folks still using XP, there will likely be some predators trying to get into your computer. As time goes on, more & more ways to do this may be found.

      Short answer – Microsoft doesn’t care and you should stop doing thing that involve information that criminals might want like online banking, bill paying, etc. And also remove documents from your computer that have personal information.

  • steve

    The timing for this is bad. With record unemployment and government policies that doesn’t favor enough job creation for US citizens, chances are that a lot of the 30% of users still using XP won’t be able to upgrade.

    On a side note, Microsoft & other IT firms are among the companies that have created the poor employment conditions with rampant outsourcing and insourcing of jobs to foreigners. They’ve even outsourced their help desk jobs to foreign countries.

  • Donald Baker

    An interesting offer from Microsoft, but what’s with the lower PC price limit. There are many Windows 8 laptops and PCs that are available well under the lower price limit of $599. Why should those be excluded? It’s like being punished for shopping around to find a better deal.


    avez vous pensé à utiliser UBUNTU ? ubuntu est téléchargeable sur clé USB et gratuitement, et c’est tout gratuit. Vous n’aurez plus ces problèmes, c’est certain…

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