Dentist sentenced for writing bad checks: ‘This is f***ing ridiculous’

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Chesapeake, Va. - A Chesapeake dentist convicted of writing bad checks to his employees was sentenced to three years suspended jail time Friday morning.

"This is f***ing ridiculous," said Derrick Broadaway after court while referring to NewsChannel 3 Investigator Jessica Larche's questioning of him after the sentencing hearing.

Derrick Broadaway of Broadaway Dentistry in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach admitted to writing thousands of dollars in bad checks to at least two employees. The women resigned from the practice in 2012 when they pressed charges against him.

NewsChannel 3 began investigating Broadaway in 2012 after the bad check allegations. A further investigation into his dentistry record with the Virginia State Board of Dentistry revealed years of infractions and allegations regarding poor dental work, including incomplete extractions of teeth and billing patients' insurance for work he never did.

The board suspended his license in 2012 for 60 days and fined him $20,000. The board is still allowing him to practice dentistry despite his criminal history and medical malpractice lawsuits.

The Chesapeake circuit court judge also ordered Broadaway to pay restitution and to stay away from the former employees. As of Friday morning, he made arrangements to complete restitution payments.


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