Family of Chesapeake man killed by uncle: ‘It’s been a nightmare’

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Chesapeake, Va. - A nightmare. That's how Chesapeake relatives describe the aftermath of a family feud turned deadly.

Police say 50-year-old Roger Carpenter shot and killed his nephew, 24-year-old Justin Waddell.

It happened early Saturday morning at their Great Bridge home on Chattanooga Street. Family says the two always had issues but never thought it would come to this.

Family tells NewsChannel 3 that Waddell's parents live out of state, but he grew up at the Chesapeake home with Carpenter.

Flowers have been left behind, and cards, soggy from the rain were taped to the stop sign on his street; a small memorial for Waddell, who just turned 24 last week.

Friends say he was engaged to marry and had plans to enroll in college.

Court documents say Carpenter doesn't have a criminal record. His family describes him as a level-headed, kind man.

How this could happen? It's a question family as well as police are trying to find an answer to.

Carpenter is behind bars without bail, charged with first degree murder. His nephew's funeral will be in Chesapeake on Thursday.



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