Family says 22-pound cat held them hostage in their own home

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Portland, Or. – An Oregon family says their family pet held them hostage in their own home.

The family called 911 after they said a 22-pound house cat attacked their 7-month-old baby and trapped them in their bedroom Sunday night, according to a report from via KATU.

KATU reported the baby was OK.

The family, including the dog, was forced to take cover as they said the Himalayan cat continued in its “feline fury”.

Read the complete story from KFOR via KATU, HERE.


  • Staci Freedlander

    Why don’t people TEACH their children to be kind to animals and not be allowed to pull their tails? This is just pure ignorance.. That cat had a right to protect itself. That family sure as hell weren’t doing it.

    • iqdou

      yes, i’m sure the cat was aggressive for a reason. and these people are just plain stupid to not be able to out smart a cat.

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