Man treated after incident at Norfolk gas station

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Norfolk, Va. – A man was found suffering from what police are calling “a mental episode” at the Exxon gas station, located in the 700 block of Boush Street overnight, according to Officer Hudson with the Norfolk Police Department.

The call came in at 2:15 a.m. A caller reported to police dispatch that the man had been shot. However, after investigating, police say the man had not been shot, but was “having a mental episode” following a surgery in which his stitches had come out.

He suffered non life-threatening injuries.

Stay with NewsChannel 3 for possible updates to the story.

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  • chris

    ok enough is enough … Time to set a new law in this state and enforce it to the max ..
    1. Use a gun in a robbery without fireing it you get 15 yrs and you serve the time then serve the time for the crime no early parole.
    2. Use a gun and fire it and not kill someone you get 20 yrs in prison then serve the time for the crime.
    3. Use a gun fire it and kill someone in a crime you get a death sentence …. and if its proven that the person did kill someone and found guilty walk him in one door and carry them out the other .
    Dont think about the new law for 6 yrs PASS it now….
    Guns are for collecting , sports ( target,and hunting for food ) defending your country and protecting your family and home

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