No action at The Gallery at Military Circle Mall despite recent violence

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Norfolk, Va. – Workers at The Gallery at Military Circle Mall tell NewsChannel 3 there have been talks of a curfew for months, but despite the recent violence including a shooting, no changes have been made.

NewsChannel 3 began asking mall management about a curfew at the mall in December when police say hundreds of teens stormed the mall and dozens of fights broke out.

The mall’s PR firm emailed us a statement noting they were meeting “to determine appropriate next steps.” Nothing was done.

Less than two months later, gunfire erupted outside RadioShack and a 23-year-old was shot in the leg. Javonte Jordan, 20, and Victor Johnson, 19, were charged in the shooting, but still no changes were made at the mall.

The mall currently has rules listed as soon as you walk in the door, among them, shoppers cannot walk in groups larger than four, but some patrons like Kendra Briesacher say the recent violence shows the rules are not enough.

“I mean that is scary that there was a shooting here. I really did not want to come here today, but I needed to pay a bill, and this is closest to my work so I decided to come here real quick, pay it, and leave,” says Briesacher.

NewsChannel 3 emailed and called the mall’s General Manager Mike Glenn as well as the mall’s PR firm. They did not respond on Friday.

When a NewsChannel 3 crew went by the mall office and they were told the general manager was tied up for the rest of the day.

Cathy Moye, who owns Love’s Barbershop and Beauty Salon in the mall, says they have been trying to put in a curfew similar to what they already do at The MacArthur Center in Downtown Norfolk. At The MacArthur Center, all minors have to be with someone over 21 after 5 pm.

“I think it is great. I think a curfew would be great. That way, the parents will come out and be with the children so I think that will be better,” says Moye.

Briesacher agreed saying, “I mean I know there is a movie theater here, but there should be a curfew regardless.”

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  • Oh, please, let's be real.

    “I think it is great. I think a curfew would be great. That way, the parents will come out and be with the children so I think that will be better,” says Moye.

    Laughed so hard, I snorted coffee up my nose. If the “parents” she’s referring to even know where their kids are, I’ll be switched. Come on, now….there are really just two reasons this mall wants the whole curfew thing to go away. Number one is money, of course-they are afraid they will lose revenue, instead of thinking that monitoring the troublemakers might bring other customers who are actually interested in PAYING for merchandise, and being safe while they do it. Number two is that they are afraid of being called racists-some minority group is bound to take a curfew the wrong way and before you know it, it’s Letter to Sharpton and Ten on Your Side Time. This mall will go the same way others in bad neighborhoods do, eventually-the stores will start closing one by one, first the small ones, then the anchors, and finally there will be another big, empty structure standing there for years and years. It’s a crappy, rundown place anyway, and a shooting there, followed by management too chickenhearted to do anything to keep their legitimate customers safe, does not surprise me one bit.

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