UPDATE: Man charged in death of ODU student granted $25,000 bond

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UPDATE: David Grimm, Jr., one of the two men charged in connection to the death of an ODU student, was granted $25,000 bond on Friday by a Norfolk judge during his bond hearing.

Christopher Johnson, charged with misdemeanor assault in the case, is scheduled to appear in court on May 12, 2014.

Stay tuned for updates on this case.

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  • Mike

    I will start by saying that I consider myself a conservative middle aged white male.I strongly believe the crime around ODU has got to be brought under control. Its great that they found the people responsible for this young mans death,
    But, if Mr. Grimm was a young black male, he would still be in jail.
    So Should This Guy !!!!!!

  • Really

    The attorney could not even give a proper interview without a smirk on his face….. 25000 bond meaning he only had to pay 2500?? I agree with the commenter above, another race and undoubtedly this man would be under the jail until his hearing.

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