Virginia Beach still undecided on make up days

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It's the same as usual from Virginia Beach Public Schools.

Superintendent Dr. Sheila Magula has been ignoring and avoiding interview requests but we did hear from a spokesperson, Kathleen O'hara.

"We have not yet met to make up those make up days so we will not be participating in any interview until we have had that conversation amongst ourselves," she says.

That "conversation" means Dr. Magula won't be making the decision fully on her own.

"The superintendent usually pulls people together to discuss the logistics that are involved in scheduling a makeup and that meeting has not taken place yet," O'hara said.

Click here for our ongoing list of make-up days:

When will the March snow days be made up?


  • Jennifer Harrison

    I cannot speak for every teacher in VB, but I can say that I work for VBCPS and am very unhappy with the media’s portrayal of the school system. We provide our students with a wonderful, meaningful education and are supported by a great administration. Dr. Magula has done a tremendous job as interim superintendent and is not getting the acknowledgement she deserves. No matter what the make up days are, people would be unhappy. For the news to say that it is taking too long to determine a make up day is a bit extreme. We have only been back to school for one day. All we can do is plan ahead for future years. Instead of all of the criticism, how about a report about the quality education our students are getting? How about the teachers and administration who made sure that our kids had a fun, yet productive Saturday? How about the teachers who work hard every day to ensure our students are taught skills that will help them succeed in the future? Those are the real stories. Please stop shedding negative light on our school system. It is not what the media is making out to be. I applaud Kathleen O’Hara for her excellent responses.

  • Tucker

    Looks like the same as usual from WTKR… Shoddy advocacy, non-factual attempt at journalism. Can’t get an interview fron the superintendent so you throw a tantrum. You’re not entitled! Start reporting the news rather than trying to create the news with this non-story of a Superintendent who probably isn’t required to respond to such shills. What a false sense of self importance.

  • P. Reiling

    Honestly, I know my kids NEED the snowday make-up classes. I appreciate all the efforts that VBCPS are taking to provide extra instruction. The kids are better for it. BTW that kinda was a cheap-shot opening paragraph…

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