Prankster gives homeless man ‘winning’ lottery ticket

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Rahat, the self proclaimed “magician prankster” who has gained internet fame for his drive-thru pranks, is once again getting national attention after he gave a homeless man a “winning” lottery ticket.

In the video, Rahat said he recently noticed the homeless man near a shopping center he lives near.

“I’m going to give him this supposed lottery ticket, take him to the store and see how much money is won from this ticket. But little does he know, this is a losing lottery ticket. And the store clerk is in on it,” Rahat said in the video.

After Rahat told the homeless man he was giving him his lottery ticket, the man asked Rahat, “You sure my man?”

Rahat told him he would take him to the store and together they would turn in the lottery ticket.

“How does that sound?” Rahat asked. “That’s cool my friend,” the man responded.

Once inside the convenience store, the homeless man handed the ticket to the clerk.

“Oh my gosh. Guess what? You won $1,000 dollars,” the clerk said.

“You’re kidding me right? You’re kidding me right?” the homeless man said.

After collecting his winnings, he turned to Rahat and said, “I want to share it,” and attempted to give Rahat some of the money.

“That’s all yours man. You earned it. You won the lottery man,” Rahat said.

The homeless man, with tears in eyes, then hugged Rahat and thanked him for giving him the money.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time, a long time. And never, never had a friend or somebody do what you just did back there,” the man said.


  • Rebecca Adams

    That was touching. You don’t often hear of things like this.
    There is some good left in the world,Thank you for sharing that.

  • Patty Rhodes

    Maybe I’m missing something here but it looked to me like the “prankster” was surprised that the homeless man won from the ticket. How’s the prankster the good guy when his intent was to act surprised when it turned out to be a losing ticket. That’s just cruel. I’m glad the homeless man won $1,000. I’d have cried if the prankster who set this up got his chance to say “fooled you!”

    • Angela

      How is she missing something. The prankster was trying to make people laugh at a homeless man. He had no idea it was a winning ticket. That is beyond cruel.

      • Jaime

        Did you people read the article? Rahat new it was a losing ticket, he conspired with the store clerk to pretend it was a winner so that he could give the man a grand.

  • Lisa Binkley

    The “prankster” knew it was a losing ticket and the store clerk knew it was a losing ticket. They told the homeless man it was a winning ticket and gave him $1000. The money didn’t come from the lottery or the store…it came from the “prankster.” So yeah I would say you missed something. The showing of humanity by RaHat is beautiful! These are the types of idols our children and society need today! God Bless you RaHat!!

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