Teens arrested after Facebook dog abuse video goes viral

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ST. LOUIS, MO – Two juveniles have been arrested after video of a teen abusing a dog was posted on Facebook, KTVI reports.

Facebook user Coats Keshawn posted the video on Tuesday. His post shows a teen abusing a dog. A person can be heard behind the camera laughing as a young man body slams the pet into the front yard. He then starts punching the animal, over and over. St. Louis police say they are investigating the incident, according to KTVI.

Read the complete story from KTVI (Fox2Now.com), HERE.



  • Yippy skippy....

    The saddest part of this is that in all likelihood, nothing will be done. The kid’s parents will get a ticket or a fine or something-animal abuse is only a misdemeanor and this little **** will probably not spend a day in jail. Hasn’t anyone learned from people like Jeffrey Dahmer? Many serial killers started off tormenting the only things smaller and weaker than themselves-other children, or ANIMALS. Wake up, Washington, and make animal abuse a felony, with mandatory psychiatric treatment. Some of the lives saved could be human.

  • Rk

    Lawmakers need to make animal abuse a serious crime with serious penalties! This is such a tragic problem and it needs to be delt with. I can’t imagine what goes through people’s minds that they think doing this to an animal is ok. I strongly agree with Yiipy Skippy! Wake up Washington.

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