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UPDATE: 71-year-old disabled Yorktown man beaten in bed, robbed of $17; suspect arrested

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Yorktown, Va. - "I woke up and somebody was beating on me,” says 71-year-old Casey Edlow, who was beaten and robbed in his home. "Beat me so bad I couldn't see."

Edlow’s left eye was swollen shut after he was attacked inside his Yorktown home.

"Very painful,” he says. “Very painful."

Last Thursday night, York County deputies say 25-year-old Quinton Fields Junior kicked down Edlow’s front door and attacked him, demanding cash.

Edlow was asleep in bed, disabled and defenseless.

"I’ve got a busted nose, busted eye," he says.

"Every bone in the side of his face including his eye socket, everything on the left side is broken," says Kelly Jones, Edlow’s daughter.

Jones says Edlow has to have reconstructive surgery and has lost nearly all of his eyesight. She says Fields took off with the little bit of cash in her father's pants pocket.

"Seventeen dollars,” Jones says. “Could've took my dad's life, but seventeen dollars is what they took."

Neighbors say Edlow doesn't have an enemy. They say he's well-known in the community and helps coach the neighborhood softball team.

"It's hard to find forgiveness in my heart for somebody to do this to somebody that cares so much for his community and people,” Jones says.

fields1Quinton Fields was arrested in York County on Friday morning, according to the York-Poquoson Sheriff's Office.


  • Mike

    Yes it is but the rest of the 12 months are White History Month or maybe I should say “European”. This rich heritage and culture consist of great things such as Slavery, the Holocaust, numerous Wars both abroad and on US soil , colonialism, etc. Yes a very rich heritage indeed……..

  • Sunshine

    Actually, Mike, you shouldn’t say “European.” I am white, and have absolutely no Euro heritage, thank you very much. It is just as ignorant and racist for you to sweep all whites into the same category, as Craig’s stupid and unnecessary comment is. Now, since I’ve actually read the article and have a germane comment to make….
    I hope with all my heart they catch this coward-seriously, beating up an old man for seventeen bucks?! Robbery would have been bad enough, but he did that because he wanted to-you can’t tell me the poor old guy wouldn’t just have handed him the money, had he simply demanded it. What a lowlife. Whatever his race, this jerk belongs in jail.

  • Mike

    Acutally Sunshine, when you mention you are “White”, I highly doubt that your ancestors where from India, Africa or any other Asiatic continents, that pretty much leaves Europe. If you feel my comment “sweeps all whites into this category”, I’m sorry you feel this way, but even though my pointing this out may hurt your sensibilities, is it not true and accurate?. I do agree with you on one point.. this crime committed on this poor man is horrible, to bad “many” will also sweep all people of color (Africian Americans included) into this crime category.

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