Man wanted after Smithfield woman killed while visiting bedridden neighbor

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Smithfield, Va. - On Friday during a press conference, Smithfield authorities announced that the case involving a woman who was once reported missing is now being investigated as a homicide.

Officials say she was attacked as soon as she came through the door. She was visiting a bedridden neighbor at the time.

Police believe the person responsible for Naira Davis' death is the son of the neighbor.

"Why this occurred, we really do not have any answer. Other than that, we are very confident in the evidence that we have and that we have the individual in custody who's responsible for this heinous crime," said police.

Davis' friend called on Thursday saying that Davis had not shown up to the home. Her husband then filed a missing persons report.

Police received a call from the caregiver of the woman who Davis was visiting and she says she discovered Davis' body.

Naira Davis' car was found near her home this morning with the windows down and keys still in the ignition.

Now authorities have a warrant for David Joseph Ricciardi. Witnesses say he left his home in Davis' car.

Right now, Ricciardi has only been charged with unlawful use of a vehicle but police expect to charge  him with first-degree murder.

Police have not said what kind of weapon was used in the attack. They say he does not have a violent history.

"We know of him. There have been some minor disturbances in the past but nothing that would have given us any indication this could happen," police say.

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  • Anonymous

    So when David was taken in for evaluation when one of his brothers reported he had left threats on his answering machine there was no cause for concern. Neighbors all around were concerned about this man.

  • Shaking my head

    Everyone in this neighborhood knew this man was going to hurt somebody one day. There were numerous calls made to police department, and it was known he had an mental illness. This is a very sad story, and could have been prevented if we had better facilities for the mentally ill. Its tragic for the family who lost a wife, mother, and grandmother.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed on all points! Unfortunately Mary refused to do anything about his behavior or his illness. She should be held accountable in this too!

  • Jeffrey Moseley

    Mrs.Davis was a special lady!! She loved God and taught us as young people to love and live for him. I pray the judge in Va will do the right thing. No one deserves to die like this, Rest in peace Mrs. Davis we love you!!!

  • Anonymous

    To you all out there!!!,don’t be afraid to speak out! this has been going on for too long, and nothing was done about it, seeing this while in the presence ,and tired to reach out but was ignored, please reach out and help the Davis Family GOD BLESS YOU MR.DAVIS& FAMILY !!!!!! NAIRA GOD IS GOING TO HANDLE THINGS! SUPPORT THE FAMILY! and to the people in the community there are different ways of helping, reach out don’t ignore this was right there in font of YOU’LL FACES GOD HAS THE FIRST& THE LAST!!! I AM SAD TO KNOW THAT THIS COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED!!!! LONG AGO! to help DAVID& MOTHER WAKE UP PEOPLE AND HELP EACH OTHER! ESPECIALLY YOU MARY!!!!

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