Man accused of sexual assault at Norfolk elementary school

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Norfolk, Va. - Norfolk Public Schools says a man was charged with sexual assault last Wednesday after police say a student at Bay View Elementary School reported that he had inappropriately touched her on the rear end.

Police say this happened between January 1st and January 31st, but wasn't reported until last week.

Police responded to the school at approximately 2:00 p.m. and interviewed the girl who stated she had been inappropriately touched by an adult male inside the school.

The suspect, William R. Arney, Sr., 56, was identified by the victim and was arrested on scene and charged with aggravated sexual battery.

The school has already notified parents that a security breach had happened at the school. They provided parents with an update after they were given information from police about the incident.

Arney is out of jail on a $1,000 bond. He is not allowed to have contact with the victim, visit Bay View Elementary, or to be alone with children under 15 except for his own.


  • Anon

    As a parent of a student who goes there, and a good friend of mine whose daughter goes there, I was NEVER notified of such actions nor was she! I found out this morning from the news! This is EXTREMELY upsetting!

    • Kathy Blanchard

      I was aware and asked on Monday when they would be telling parents the truth. They denied it as did the school administrator. I know the accused and I assure you he did nothing wrong. I also know that when I asked about this the assistant principal told me to leave or she would call police, i also know how many parents called the school and were told this never happened. I know more about this i think than the school does. They are trying to cover up something or more worried about their rep.

      • Jacklyn Parker

        I also know this man and never would I believed he would do any to touch a child inapropret. He is a very good man and it is a same that some one would want to lie like this

      • crazy

        Do you mean it’s a shame that someone would lie like this, well I think that it is a shame for an adult to post such a comment. I guess you must dont have kids or you feel that it is ok for a grown man to touch kids,

        • Kathy Blanchard

          IDK who you are but I assure you this man DID NOT touch ANY child in any way that he is being charged. I personally have knowledge with the ENTIRE situation, I have spoken with the school administrator, assistant principal and principal on the matter. THEY can’t keep their stories straight and each of them had a very different story. Also might I add, how about the school.. this incident happened a month ago and they are JUST NOW taking extra precautions? Yes I have children. Matter of fact my grandchildren go to that school. They are perfectly safe from this man. There is so much you don’t know about this your comment just showed how ignorant uneducated people without all the facts can be.

          • Anonymous

            I’m glad your grandchildren are “safe from this man”. Keep it that way. This man has a violent nature. There’s no doubt in my mind, he did this. I’ve seen and heard stories of what he’s capable of.


    It’s amazing to me that this wasnt IMMEDIATELY made public. Why would the school and the media wait an entire week to make this public? WE NEED TO KNOW IF A FREAK IS ON THE LOOSE, PEOPLE! And most importantly, how was the media notified? Was it a parent asking the right questions or the school who made an official press release?

    • Kathy Blanchard

      I point blank asked the assistant principal Monday morning why they weren’t notifying parents. She DENIED anything happened and asked me to leave the school and asked for a phone to call the police on me. She told me that I could not say stuff like that in school. She also told my husband that I’d be banned if I ever said anything like that in the school again. So.. I left, went home called the administration. Where in turn my call was returned Monday morning at 1023. The administrator of the school told me no one was arrested in the school. Having first hand knowledge, I knew that was wrong. She told me the charges were dropped. No that wasn’t true either. I told several parents about things going on in the school. THey called, again this was denied as happened. Then the phone call. Ok. SO why would the school keep the truth hidden. Could it be their reputation, or the fact they know this man is more than likely innocent. hmmmm.

    • Becca Mitchell

      For those asking about how we were notified and when… NPS sent us a paragraph about the incident on Tuesday night and Norfolk Police sent a press release to us on Wednesday morning about this incident. We were completely unaware of it until then. Nothing was being “held back.” We received several comments claiming the charges against the arrested man had been dropped. We pulled the story until we could confirm with police but they assured us that he had, indeed, been arrested and is facing the listed charges. All of the information we know (as limited as that is) is included in the above story. We will continue to update it as we find out more.

  • Kathy Blanchard

    Good luck getting an honest answer from the school. No this man is NOT A FREAK. If you had a husband or brother or friend uncle, some man related or close to you that was wrongly accused, would you like someone calling them a freak. Yeah, of course he was arrested but that does not make him guilty. He would NEVER EVER EVER do ANYTHING like this. Also might I add he has NEVER done anything like this. People that touch children are usually born that way and have a past or pattern. This man has grown daughters and he has NEVER been accused of anything inappropriate like this before EVER. Sad thing is due to very sloppy investigating and the school worrying about their rep or whatever their problem was, this mans reputation is tainted forever. Yeah.. so how would any of you like living like that?

    • Disgusted but not Surprised

      I have had about 13 interactions with this man over a 10 year span, and unfortunately this story does not surprise me at all. In every single interaction I had with him, he was nothing short of disgusting, perverted, and inappropropriate. For you to say he would NEVER do anything like this is sad, as his actions certainly prove otherwise. I truly feel for this girl and his children, and hope they can find the strength to move past this.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve have interaction with this man too. Years ago he was a neighbor of mine. Police were constantly being called to his house for him beating his girlfriend. I believe they had 3 or 4 small girls together. This doesn’t surprise me at all.

  • Angela

    My child goes to Bayview, I found out last night when I got a call from the school. I am by no means sticking up for this man but you have to understand the Adminstration’s side. If they say anything they can be sued! My child’s safety is my utmost concern but I also know that I wouldn’t want ANYONE saying anything until charges were filed. Even the. They sometimes can’t say anything We live in a world of a sue happy people. Put your self in their shoes. Also the staff can’t notify you of something until it is reported. If the incident happened in January but wasn’t reported until Feb not much they can do about that! I just thank GOD that the child’s parents raised them well enough to tell someone when something inappropriate happens.

  • kimbro

    Well I know the media does screw things up however the reputation this individual isn’t Sparkly like some are claiming maybe they do not really Know Him

  • kimbro

    Well why would the child Target this man with a lie ,this is why its so important to HEAr the facts not remain in disbelief we are waiting for the rest of this investigation to be disclosed

  • Jeff Reid

    Quite a few differences of opinion when it comes to this case. Hopefully Doris Taylor will stay on this and keep us updated on the outcome.

  • Anon

    As a victim of sexual abuse at the hands MY FATHER, I put it past no one. There are many questions that need answers. Why did it take so long for the girl to come forward? Have you ever been abused? Do you realize how scared a person is when something bad happens? I was 8 when my abuse started and finally built up the courage to say something when I was 14. Mainly because of my fear.
    Why didn’t the school notify anyone? I was notified last week of the breach of security. The school and police have to do their job properly for the charges to stick. It is not that they are withholding information. Most of you parents are stay at home moms, I’m pretty sure you watch CSI or
    Criminal Minds or even the First 48 hrs.
    No one believe my father would EVER EVER do this to anyone, especially his daughter and they defended him. After completing 8 yrs behind bars, he was let out and did it again to his 8 yrs old neighbor.
    A pervert is a pervert. Throw away the key.

  • Kat “K Smart” prowler

    I see a lot of paranoid and panic stricken women here! All ready to burn this man alive on the stake!!! all because a girl said some man patted her behind! What is the context? Was he like caressing her butt or maybe it was an accidental bump?
    Don’t misunderstand me.. I would be the first to put a bullet in a child molester’s head and skin them alive however one also has to balance that with common sense!!!
    I have a 7 yr old and as much as I think the world of her I am going to be 110% sure if she ever tells me something like this I will investigate 1000% to verify the EXACT nature of said ‘touch’ before I ruin some man’s life forever!!!!

  • Bill

    So, just so I understand…the kid goes to school to report this some time after the fact, and simply points out some random dude in the hall, and that’s all the evidence we have to go on? That’s bogus, and they’ll never get a conviction out of it, nor should they.

  • Tom

    I’ll bet all he did was accidentally brush his hand against someone. Too late, he’s already guilty in the court of public opinion for being a “baby raper.” This fellow can forget about getting a fair trial.

  • Neva Allure

    As a parent you should be talking to your children about what to do if someone touches you inappropriately not harassing administrators who are trying to protect your children smh… if hes guilty or not, trying to harass the school when you should be being a parent….slander will get you nowhere so Kathy I’m glad you know so much about the assistant principal. Everyone knows in a situation like this, you don’t go all crazy with accusations, so yes the assistant principal was right by asking you to please stop or be put out. The school is not the police, they were just doing their jobs…..reporting an issue and letting them do their jobs to investigate

  • Andrew

    I feel sorry for this fellow and his son, he’s already quartered and hung as a criminal by the view of the public without facts, but I can say this, I was once told by a couple of lawyers, that under no circumstance. Am I ever too help any child other than my own children, from any age, from self harm or endangerment of oneself. For if I where too do so, the police have to by law ask the child if I inappropriately touched them. Can you image what the kid could say. And for those who think the police has the right too ask the child will result in case just like the one in England where a 4yr old child drown in a fountain, all because the child became lost when it wander from the daycare centre even though a trade-mans saw the child he had no desire too help the child for fear of been label pedo, welcome too the new world order people this shouldn’t happen in the first place, fear will kill your kid one day when they need a helping hand.


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