N.C. electric crews prepare to respond to outages

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Electric cooperative crews throughout North Carolina are on alert for any outages that may result from the predicted wintry weather, officials tell NewsChannel 3.

Snow, freezing rain, and sleet are possible overnight and in the coming days across North Carolina, and the cooperatives are monitoring conditions closely.

Freezing rain is the greatest concern, as ice-laden branches that fall on power lines are a major cause of outages during winter storms.

Electric cooperative members are asked to call their cooperative directly if they experience a disruption in power.

For phone numbers to report outages and the counties served by each co-op, visit http://www.ncelectriccooperatives.com/co-ops/coops.htm.

If you see a downed power line, report it immediately to your local cooperative, power utility or 911.

Under no circumstances should anyone approach or drive over a fallen power line.