Have you received a tunnel toll bill?

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Have you received a tunnel toll bill? If so, NewsChannel 3 wants to hear from you.

The bills from ERC will be sent out, beginning the week of February 10, 2014.

Downtown and Midtown tunnels' all-electronic tolling started February 1, 2014. Click here for info on E-ZPass.

If you travel through the tolls without an E-ZPass, you will receive a bill from ERC. The bill would come out to $5.00 for a round trip.

The cost is $1 each way, and then $1.50 each way for processing fees.

If you have received a bill from ERC, please contact NewsChannel 3 at desk@wtkr.com.

Elizabeth River Crossings, the company that runs the toll operations, started sending out bills this week. They say during the first week of tolls, more than 63 percent of drivers did use the E-ZPass. However, many are still avoiding the tunnels altogether. Traffic is down nearly 22 percent since the tolls started.

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If you have any more questions about the tolls, EZPass or ERC’S Pay by Plate program, just email info@DriveERT.com.

To get an EZPass if you are a Virginia Resident, go online at https://www.ezpassva.com/

To get an EZPass if you are a North Carolina Resident, go online athttps://www.myncquickpass.com/en/home/index.shtml


  • Margaret

    What really stinks about this whole toll business is that it is very inconvenient for people who have infrequent business in Portsmouth. I live in Virginia Beach but there are 2 restaurants in downtown Portsmouth that I like to go to every once in awhile. I now have 4 options: Drive several miles out of my way to get there, pay for an EZ Pass transponder just to go to Portsmouth 5 or 6 times a year, drive through the tunnels without a transponder and pay the $5.00 bill OR don’t ever go back to these restaurants ever again. None of them are good options; either I lose or the restaurants lose.

    • John

      It sound like your opinion and mine are the same. We all disagreed with the tolls and we shouldn’t have to pay for it because the tolls are unnecessary and it’s a waste of our money.

  • Bob

    The only time we use the tunnels is for going to doctors appointments. Will the tolls and any fees incurred be tax deductible if we don’t get an EZPASS?

    • John

      I don’t think the taxes are deduct. Do not buy the pass. You should tell the government to do the stop with the toll fees.

  • momof2

    The tolls are total BS! They aren’t fair to the commuters or the people who occassionally travel through them. It is just a way to stick us with more bills/fines/taxes. I highly doubt this will be the last of tolls. They got them started now so it is only a matter of time before there are tolls all over HR. I love where I live but I’m starting to consider my options.

    • John

      I agreed with you 100%. Although, I rarely travel these routes, I feel that the money I have to spend every time I travel through these routes is a total scam by the government.

  • John

    I feel that the people who travel on these routes shouldn’t be purchase the E-Z passes because it was a waste of money. Why would the people have to pay the toll while going to work? I think that people who pay their toll bills are getting scammed by the government. This is the government’s fault. Do not let this happen to you all out there!

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