Water main break flooding parts of Va. Beach Blvd. and Corprew Ave. in Norfolk

Virginia Beach Schools to have make-up snow days on Saturdays

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Virginia Beach, Va. - Virginia Beach Public Schools has announced make-up days for times students were not in school during inclement weather.

School will be held on Saturdays over the next three months.

School will be in session on Feb, 15th, March 29th, and April 26th.

For secondary schools, Feb. 15 and April 26 will be A days and March 29 will be a B day.

Beach schools operate on a 183-day school  year schedule as opposed to the state minimum. They say the extra days are not built in for inclement weather.

"Designating makeup days for time lost due to inclement weather is one of the most unpopular decisions a superintendent makes. There is never a day that is convenient for all of our students, staff and families," Dr. Sheila Magula, superintendent of Virginia Beach Schools, said in a statement regarding the rescheduling. "We believe strongly that our role is to provide the best education possible for your children and we believe that is what this community expects. Please know that your patience, understanding and support are appreciated as we move forward."


When will the school snow days be made up?


  • Aggrivated!!!!!

    How dare she assign school on a saturday. Do you honestly think all students will attend school on a saturday morning!?!? Makes no sense, its stupid and my child WILL NOT be in a school building on any of those days. vBCPS should be ashamed of themselves for this!!!!!!

  • Lilly

    They have a lot of nerve. What about the Jewish kids and the 7th Day Adventist kids? They should have some of the make-up days on Sunday. Or, they could have them on the scheduled Monday holidays or just extend the school year.

    • Crissy Richter

      Are you serious? Our children were just out of school for almost a week so how is it that going to school on Saturday’s (one Saturday a month) will increase ADHD? This is a poor excuse if I ever heard one. Basically what your telling us is that working more then 30 hours a week will also cause an increase in ADHD? I am laughing so hard at this comment and shaking my head in such disbelief. ADHD is not intended to be used as a babysitter. Now, I am going to go watch WTKR-3 for a weather report since we are suppose to be getting more SNOW!!! This is in fact just my opinion and observation. It is in no way to challenge or ridicule other parents what so ever. Good luck to everyone…

  • Melissa

    What a poor decision by VB Public Schools. A better decision would have been to add on the additional days at the end of the year. My daughter will not be attending school on any Saturday. Even children need down time to decompress and spend time with their families. This will certainly be remembered coming voting time. I see a new Superintendent on the horizon.

    • RKS

      Uh, Melissa, are you truly not aware there already WILL be a NEW superintendent for VBCPS who starts around July 1st. Did you miss all of the information put out about his selection (former VB student many years ago)??? ;-)

    • Bruce

      U had a week off with them. Now it’s time for them to make up the days they were out. Sound like a bunch of babies crying b/c they have to make up the days they were out.. Do it and get it over with. FPS

  • Sarah

    This policy is unfair and extremely inconviencent for students and teachers. Teachers don’t make enough as it is, forcing them to go on Saturday, when clearly not many children will be there is ridiculous. Weather happens, add it into the schedule like every other district. Norfolk and Suffolk aren’t having this problem. Get with it VA!

  • April

    Granted it would have been better to have school on Presidents’ Day, a teacher work day, and one Saturday but seriously it’s not a big deal. It’s three Saturdays. Make those laundry/cleaning days and I guarantee you the kids would rather be at school! :)

    • RKS

      April, VBCPS was NOT going to have schools closed on President’s Day anyway. School WILL be in session on President’s Day – as scheduled! (not difficult to find this information!…..)

  • Dana

    I’m really curious if what the attendance rate will be. I don’t think many parents are making kids go to school, people have plans. The extra days were originally put in as make up days but that only lasted the first year then the school decided to make them real school days so they can pretend it makes our school system “ahead of the curve.”

    • Tucker

      I will bet you one Beach Bag, a bag of food for needy children, that at least 90% of students will attend those Saturdays.

    • RKS

      Diana, as has been stated to other Posters on this blog, PLEASE check out what you state as ‘facts’ before you post. You sound as though you believe the ‘extra three days’ on the VBCPS Calendar were added as ‘make up days’. That has absolutely NEVER been the reason for adding the three days. I’m not saying the added three days was EVER a good reason to ‘improve education’ in VB – it’s just your thoughts don’t come close to matching up with facts…..unfortunately.

  • Jess Abbott

    What happened to the 3 snow / hurricane days that are built into the regular school year? Or tacking it on at the end? Are our schools so petrified of standardized testing that they cannot adhere to their own policies? Perhaps the better question is, what happened to common sense?

  • Tucker

    Jess Abbot, did you not read? There are no 3 snow/hurricane days built into the calendar. As far as everyone else, my kid will be there, it’s three Saturdays, spread over time, big deal. And yes, I have paid for sports! He will have to miss games or practices. Priorities…. To the rest of you, it is not the end of the freakin’ world!

  • Tucker

    Oh and Melissa, you do not vote for the Superintendent. Please, educate yourself about the process well before posting inane comments.

  • Stop Your Complaining!

    Tucker, you are the only one on here who has any common sense. For all you complainers who are so unnecessarily upset, put your child first. Stop thinking it’s all about you and a disruption to your precious schedule.

    • nick32083

      Those that are planning on sending their kids must not like theirs. They probably look at it as a free day of baby sitting! Im for making up the 3 days but it can be done at the end of the year monday through friday. Its a shame that what others can get done in a 180 days takes VB 183!

      • s

        VA BEACH is an EXCELLENT school system,so I’m glad they don’t CRAM.They take their time and make sure the kids are learning what they need,to become FUTURE professionals.

      • Raven

        If they just added the days to the end of the year, those days won’t help them prepare for the SOLs , so may teachers would have to cram information in

  • Voice of reason

    You presume that ‘putting my child’ first precludes his needs are meet at school then at home. I beg to differ. Parents know their child’s needs more than the county. This is a perfect example of why kids “hate” school.

    • Stop Your Complaining!

      First of all, I never said anything about your child’s needs. I simply said to put his/her education before yourself. By the way you write, I’m not so convinced you did anything to further your child’s education on the snow days, and will be doing much of the same (nothing) on the Saturdays other children are at school. It’s 3 days out of 365. If you child hates school, then you should look at what’s going on in your household. My children love school and look forward to seeing friends and learning. I have NEVER had one of my children express hatred for school.

    • s

      You can only speak for your kid HATING school.HATE is a strong word to use in regard to school.WOW!By the way my kid LOVES school,reason being is because,I teach her the importance of education.There are alot of ways to make a boring subject fun,such as making a game out of it.

    • Bruce

      When I missed days from work b/c of the snow, I have to make them up on a Sunday b/c I already work Saturdays. Granted the overtime helps me make up for them, But the education ur child receives while going to school on a Saturday, will allow them to be out of school ontime for summer. Whats the big deal? Get a grip,, it’s only 3 Saturdays.

  • Tucker

    Schools have a really great program that I have seen coverage of. It’s called Beach Bags. They encourage people and businesses to donate food and send home with needy kids in a backpack so that they and maybe their brothers and sisters have something decent to eat away from school meals particularly on weekends. I have seen stories on local news about this. So, my challenge to all, if there is less than 90% attendance on any of these three Saturdays, I will personally fill 10 bags. If there is 90% or more, can ten of you caring individuals contribute the items needed? Good chance to back up your dour predictions.

    • chewie

      Tucker …and rks…how much are you getting paid to monitor this feed ??.. since you two seem to have all the answers…can you advise if the HS blick system are the driving force for either not putting these days on spring break? Adding a an hour a day? ..etc… what of kids who have other activities outside of school? What of weekend parents?..

      • RKS

        Wow, Chewie, I’ll definitely take some extra pay for ‘monitoring’ this post! Send it on to me ASAP! :-) I will tell you that any statements made by VBCPS Administration ‘blaming’ the need to make up the days on Saturdays because of HIGH SCHOOLS is a person that is truly ‘full of it’. I firmly believe Saturday make up days are the worst choice from all possibilities. I’m not sure that people would accept taking away three days from Spring Break either. I can tell you I personally know that a specific VBCPS administrator has stated he absolutely would NEVER ‘touch’ Spring Break and will NEVER add time to school days “after the hate mail he got in past years”. Therefore, after saying all this, I don’t support the ‘Saturday choice’ and would much rather see time added to each day – BUT, the Middle School teachers and parents would scream about how late their kids would get home. NO EASY SOLUTION…..so, Chewie, I DON’T have all the answers – I just read and respond to nonsense on here from people who have not taken just a LITTLE bi of time to check facts before they post.

  • s

    Another thing,someone stated that this isn’t done in NEW YORK.That’s the reason why most kids in NY become “thugs” at young ages.Alot of them are uneducated,become teen parents,and end up in prisons such as RIKERS ISLAND.The age range in the prisons are becoming younger and younger everyday.Everyone I know that wanted a better education for there kid moved away from NY,because thats one of the worse places for a kid.

  • Claudia

    Parents who are complaining about these make up days are ridiculous. To say that these dates will interfere with family schedules is a cop out for most, most children spend their weekends tied to the tv or their videogames. I haven’t seen any of the 12 neighborhood kids on my block since the weather got cooler. My child will be in school on all 3 of these dates.

  • Chase

    I’m a senior in high-school and feel that this is just unreasonable. As if we do not go to school enough more than already needed actually. Some of us have jobs and bills to pay for like most of you parents not as many, but that’s beside the point. I have 15 hour days getting up for school and going straight to work why should we have to give up our relaxing time? All you parents would be upset if you had to go to work on your days off. As if teachers will truly teach on these days other than just babysit and put on a movie.

    • RKS

      Chase, it’s truly a tragedy (I mean this genuinely) if you have ANY teachers who will do nothing more than show a movie on the makeup days. Those type of teachers are a good reason why kids would rather be ANYWHERE else than in their class. So unfortunate they cause students to feel as you do… I understand SOME of your points, BUT it’s hard to hear you complaining you will lose ‘some relaxing time’ by going to these make up days when truly dedicated teachers DREAM of getting ANY such ‘relaxing’ time with all of the work that has to be done ALL THE TIME outside of contracted school hours anyway…

  • Misty

    Some of us students have work on the weekends like myself. I only get to work Saturdays and Sundays because of school during the week. I can’t take these two days off.

  • Michelle

    I guarantee a lot of students will attend these Saturdays – mainly because they are provided food, and essentially it’s daycare. (I’m referring to more of the elementary schools)

    I don’t think it’s right – more for the staff, and high school kids as a lot of them have jobs on the weekends, and for the staff who I’m sure has made some plans with their weekends off (or they they have additional part time jobs on the weekends).

    It is very odd the way the Virginia Beach school system has allotted their days. In addition that fact that there are no days given off for Jewish holidays, like most private schools in the area give.

    I don’t know all the research which goes into this so I won’t make statements about built in days, as I don’t know all the information. To me there must have been a better way to schedule this, hopefully they will learn for years to come.

  • Carole

    Does anyone know how the activities in the High Schools that are already scheduled on these days are going to be rescheduled? Kempsville High is having Beach Girls Rock on Feb 15th and on Mar 29th & 30th is the Spring Musical.

    • RKS

      Can’t respond to what will happen with the ‘Beach Girls Rock’, BUT isn’t the Musical an event that happens in the EVENINGS?

  • Raven

    people is In Virginia Beach are making to much of a big deal about this. The kids in Suffolk had to go to school on Saturday and not one person cared and it definitely wasn’t reported on the news.

  • sighs

    in my opinion virginia beach could’ve simply taken care of this by taking 3 days of spring break its so simple and the kids at my school are pissed very pissed and 3 days of spring break off doesnt phase me but 3 saturdays away does as we need saturday so we can leave some stress away as its like this (monday school) – (saturday school) then ( sunday no school) then school is on for another week. also with teachers giving us more hw and projects for some reason

  • sighs

    alot of us students dont lie u use saturday and sunday to finish work and they really couldve just added hours to the day or cut off some of spring break cut of some holidays and staff days or just forgiven it as the limit is 180 days of school which other school systems are fine with but we “must” have those 3 days made up

  • Dee

    Oooh Paleeeze, I grew up in the 60’s & 70’s in the mid west & we didn’t take off for snow. America is becoming such pansies. Children in Japan attend school on a lot of Saturdays & you can how success full they are. The kids stayed home so pay the piper unless their good for nothing parents had them home schooled while they were out.



  • momof2

    My kids will not be attending on at least two of those days. Plans have already been made. What makes no sense to me is that March 28th is a teacher workday and they selected March 29th as a makeup day. Insane! I don’t have an issue with them making up the time, but why couldn’t they make it up on March 28th (Friday) instead of taking up a Saturday? I know teachers need their workdays, but I also know a lot of teachers already have weekend jobs to help make ends meet.

    I agree with adding time to the end of the school day, not have “adjusted dismissal” days, or make them up on holidays or teacher work days. Those of us who work full time find that those short days or teacher work days interfere with our work schedules anyway.

  • RKS

    MOMOF2 – Unfortunately, you are another poster on here who never takes the time to check out information before you post. March 28th is already being used as a make up day for one of the OTHER two snow days missed before the week we had three snow days out. …..just need to check out information that’s easy to find before posting…..


    i think that lady that decided to have make up days on Saturday is SMOKING SPICE or just plaIn old STUPID! Has anyone drug tested her?? If not, why not?? She’s acting like she is high but nobody CALLS HER ON IT. AGAIN, WHY NOT???? SHE’S IN CHARGE OF OUR KIDS, STONED!!! NOT GOOD AT ALL!!!

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