Portsmouth defense attorney accused of assaulting officer, sexual battery

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Portsmouth, Va. - Sterling H. Weaver, a defense attorney in Portsmouth has been accused of assaulting an officer and sexual battery.

He was indicted on these charges by a Grand Jury on Thursday.

The well-known, 65-year-old attorney has a law firm in the 600 block of Dinwiddie Street.

They say these charges are from an incident that occurred back on October 25th, 2013.

A Portsmouth Sheriff's Deputy reported the incident.

Detectives investigated, submitted what they found to the Commonwealth Attorney's Office and charges were filed.

Police say Weaver surrendered to detectives Thursday evening and is now in the custody of the Portsmouth Sheriff's Office.


    • Kathy

      Why does the race card always have to be used? He is black and he does have a history of sexual misconduct. One would think a lawyer his age
      would know better.

  • Sherry

    Oh please. This is just a sugardaddy thing. He probably got tired of her and she decided that she was “assaulted”. But he’s been poorly representing people for a while now without care so maybe he’ll get a taste of his own medicine.

  • Concern citizen

    We as people are so quick to accuse people before knowing the facts. This how rumors start. I’m sure it’s something behind this story that most folks don’t know about and I’m sure it will come out during his trial. Whoever is the accuser was I hope he or she know knows what their doing because he is well know and he definite knows the lawyer. Why did the incident wait so long to get come out. I think it’s a scam that went bad on the accuser part.

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