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Dog euthanized despite volunteer’s desire to save him

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Update: The woman who wanted Ozzy has started  a petition on Facebook to have the management of the Chesapeake Animal Services overhauled.

Click here to read more about the petition.

Chesapeake, Va. - Left for dead, Ozzy was found with his jaw frozen to the road. He had a broken leg and pelvis after being hit by a car near the Gilmerton Bridge Friday night.

Lauren Sanders has adopted two pit bulls and was ready to make Ozzy her third until Chesapeake Animal Services euthanized the dog Thursday.

"I saw him yesterday and he had scooted himself across the floor, gobbled up treats, tail wagging; that leads me to believe he wasn't dead," Sanders, a volunteer with Chesapeake Animal Services said. "He still had fight in him."

Chesapeake officials tell NewsChannel 3 the dog had made a turn for the worse and surgery wouldn't have helped.

Sanders takes photos of dogs for Chesapeake Animal Services, cute photos of the dogs spur adoptions.

Ozzy went viral on Facebook, his story leading people to want to take action.

"The next day, I went into the shelter and they told me I absolutely should not have posted his picture at all because no one wants a broken dog," Sanders said.

A donation fund for Ozzy's surgery was being set up, and Sanders says a vet in Pungo was ready to perform it at a discounted rate.

Ozzy never got that chance. He was killed less than a week after being rescued.

"Technically, his stray hold wasn't up until tomorrow. So if his owner was out there, they could have come in today and asked to see their dog and their dog would have been in a black trash bag in the back," Sanders said.

Chesapeake Police say nothing could have helped the dog. With Sanders so ready to do whatever she could to rehabilitate Ozzy, she wishes she would have been given the opportunity.


  • amy davis

    Shame on those who are defending this incident…ozzie definitely wouldve been a great dog and wouldve brought a lot of joy to some ones life…that’s right he wasn’t given that chance.

    • Jennifer Martin

      Obviously you are a vet? You examined this dog and can back up your statement with facts? I can’t wait to read your report!

  • Ravyn Snow

    How sick! Shame on these people. Alot of Animal shelter workers are so heartless it makes me sick to my stomach!!! RIP baby :(

  • Jd

    I have family that work at CAS. I have seen the devotion that these people have towards all animals. I have known them to spend their own money to help pay for vet bills to try to save the life of a sick animal. They work all shifts and week ends. They have to be on call over night for emergencies and believe me that they have to go out in all kinds of weather when these situations occur. I know for a fact that most of them have animals of their own, including pit bulls and other breds that get a bad rap. They foster cats and dogs all the time to save them for adoptions. I know of times that they foster entire litters to give them a chance to reach adoption age. Believe me I have seen the tears and the heart break that they must endure when an animal has to be euthanized. They become very attached to the animals that they care for. I personally have 3 dogs at this time that I have adopted from them. All of my children have adopted dogs or cats from CAS. I know that very often they will text photos out to folks to try to find homes for them. The negative and hurtful comments that are being made about these hard working and dedicated people is a real shame. They wear the uniforms and spend their days and nights trying to educate the public of the responsibilities of pet ownership. Very often they are treated abusively by the very people they are trying to help. It takes a very special kind of person to be able to do this job. They see all kinds of horrid things that people do to their pets. The people making all the negative postings should try to do their jobs for a day, then maybe they can appreciate the efforts they make on behalf of all our four legged friends.

  • Stacy K.

    After reading the comments here, it’s safe to say that you’re all crazy. The attacking on both sides, regardless of who is in the right here, has soured my opinion of CAS permanently. You should be ashamed of how you acted.

  • Debbie Bell

    Understand this about pitbully people. While they’re barking and growling about this one particular pit situation, this is not because they care about pitbull welfare, it’s because they love to fight!

    They know that millions of surplus pits and pit mixes are produced a year after year, they know that dog fighting continues and grows, they know that pit bulls are the best at killing other dogs, they know there is a pitbull crisis, but they don’t actually care.

    Proof? Their refusal to offer or accept any breed specific solutions to reduce this horrific breed-specific crisis.

    thinking compassionate people, who actually care about the welfare of their dog of choice, do not want to see their dog become popular, as over-demand leads to over breeding, and over population, then abuse, neglect and death follows. this is acceptable to the pit bully people. Again they do not actually care about pitbull welfare.

    Actually there are no different from those who fight dogs. predictable and preventable dogs suffering and death is acceptable to them.

    Their resistance to ways of reducing pitbull over. population enables dogfighting to continue and bullies

    Pitbully people are bullies. they only truly care about themselves, their egos , and their ability to breed / acquire / own the dog of their choice.

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