National Congress of American Indians releases anti-Redskins ad

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The National Congress of American Indians has released a powerful commercial aimed directly at the Redskins team name, just ahead of the Super Bowl.

The ad shows video and images of American Indians living everyday lives while the narrator lists the various names they use to refer to themselves, including teacher, doctor, Seminole and Sitting Bull. The ad concludes with the one name they do NOT use, and shows a Redskins team helmet.

The YouTube information urges viewers to contact the team, the NFL, Roger Goodell and the Washington Post to demand change.


  • Cassandra Dew

    The ad ends by saying that the one term they don’t call themselves is – and they show a Redskins helmet. Actually, Ives Goddard of the Smithsonian Institute found that the term “redskin” is a translation from native American languages of a term used by native Americans for themselves. In other words, they called themselves Redskins. Also, the National Annenberg Institute Survey found that only 9% of Native Americans found the name Redskins offensive and or racist.

    • chuki

      Many people used the “n” word only 50 years ago. Does that make it okay to put on a helmet? Why is blackface a no-no but redface is okay?

      Tell you what, Cassandra, come down off your high horse and onto a rez. Check your preconceptions at the door. Talk to some of the women – don’t just read about them. Did you know that despite being such a tiny percentage of the population, Native women endure the highest rate of rape and abuse of all women in America – mostly by non-Native men? Pine Ridge has what – 80% unemployment? Do you have ANY idea of what your self-perception is like if you grow up watching everyone who looks like you in the media and the general perception of your people to be stupid, lazy, monosyllabic, entirely without a sense of humor, but who can talk to animals?

      Do you think a visibly oppressed people could maybe not have the decision made for them by others that something should or should not offend them? If you get past some of the poverty porn in that commercial, NDNs are first and foremost *human beings* who laugh, cry, eat, poop, learn, desire, strive, love, make mistakes and have great ideas, just like everyone else.

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