Rate your community’s snow cleanup

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How would you rate your community’s snow cleanup? We are talking about this today on NewsChannel 3 starting First at Four. Feel free to leave comments below explaining your answer.





Virginia Beach






Newport News






Elizabeth City


Outer Banks


Isle of Wight


Eastern Shore




  • melodie

    They haven’t done very good cleaning anything up over here . The plows won’t go down any side street and main street is still bad . We have been stuck a lot thank you for the people that have pushed us out just so we can get to work . It took 45 min. to get to work yesterday and today wasn’t much better we only work 5 miles away !

  • Cindy

    I live in Georgetown Point off Probidence Rd and our neighborhood hasn’t been touched at all! I haven’t been out yet today, but yesterday there was only Probidence, Campostella and Bsttlefield hadn’t been touched either!

  • Jeff

    This poll shows the thought process per city. Look at the bigger cities….lower happiness…and understanding.

  • Denver land

    Please add Gates County to the list so I can give them 1 star or less. The last 2 weeks, snow on Wednesday morning meant no school the rest of the week.

  • Connie

    I say portsmouth needs to clean other road ways besides those that go to the interstate ramps high street in church land looks like the only thing done to it is what the cars did driving on it portsmouth road crews either don’t know what they are doing or doesn’t even exist

  • Bob

    Yesterday (Wed) and this morning in NN from J. Clyde/Warwick Blvd intersection south on Warwiclk Blvd it is pretty much clear…but going north and south on Warwick Blvd from J. Clyde the condition is very poor in comparison…..just wondering why that might be….All the work is appreciated..

  • Laura Watson

    Thank God for the sun is correct! Norfolk hasn’t salted or scraped any of the secondary roads in the Little Creek area! No one can get out onto the road to go to work but all of the companies are insisting their employees show up on time. It is the employee that’s getting the rough end of the stick. How can they get to work when the secondary roads are too treacherous to venture out on? It makes no sense! I rate them less than one star.

  • C

    The cities are doing the best they can, but they should require businesses to close during a state of emergency. Everyone should stay home and be safe. All of them. No one will die if they can’t shop or go to the grocery store for a day.

  • Linda Phillips

    I live in western branch area of Chesapeake. I am amazed at just how hard they have worked here to clean up our roads, and the road I live on. Its wonderful. Thanks !!!!

  • Cheryl Korycinski Slavnik

    Gloucester could do so much better on our roads. Rt. 17 is usually well taken care of, but the side roads are barely touched. I crossed the Coleman Bridge from Gloucester into York County the day before last weeks snowfall, and noticed all the pretreatment being done. However, nothing like that was done in Gloucester.

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