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When will the school snow days be made up?

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The Commonwealth of Virginia requires 180 days of instruction and 990 hours of instructional time per year. With winter weather cancelling school for quite a few days in January, many are left wondering when the snow days will be made up. Here’s what we found out from a few of our school districts:

Virginia Beach:

Virginia Beach Public Schools has announced make-up days for times students were not in school during inclement weather.

School will be held on Saturdays over the next three months.

School will be in session on Feb, 15th, March 29th, and April 26th.

For secondary schools, Feb. 15 and April 26 will be A days and March 29 will be a B day.

Beach schools operate on a 183-day school  year schedule as opposed to the state minimum. They say the extra days are not built in for inclement weather.

“Designating makeup days for time lost due to inclement weather is one of the most unpopular decisions a superintendent makes. There is never a day that is convenient for all of our students, staff and families,” Dr. Sheila Magula, superintendent of Virginia Beach Schools, said in a statement regarding the rescheduling. “We believe strongly that our role is to provide the best education possible for your children and we believe that is what this community expects. Please know that your patience, understanding and support are appreciated as we move forward.”


Banked days made up for Wednesday, January 29th and Thursday, January 30th. The only day left to make up is Friday, January 31st, which will be made up on March 31st. That day was originally scheduled to be a teacher workday.

Click here for more information about Chesapeake’s snow make-up schedule. 


Two inclement weather make-up days were built into the 2013-2014 calendar. Both have been used already.

Because of additional missed school time, President’s Day, Monday, February 17th, will be a regular school day for all students and staff.

They will also extend an early release day planned for Feb. 14th into a full day. The staff development that was planned for that afternoon has been reconfigured.

The weather related closings will delay second quarter report cards. Report cards will be distributed to all students on Friday, February 7; they were originally scheduled to be issued on Tuesday, February 4.

Feb. 3rd and 4th will be half days for high school students to finish first-semester exams. Exams for blocks 1 and 7 will happen on Monday and exams for blocks 6 and 8 will be taken on Tuesday.

Wednesday, Feb. 5th will be the start of the second semester and third quarter.


Two inclement weather make-up days are built into their calendar. Tuesday was supposed to be a teacher work day but will act as a make-up day for students. Should an additional make-up day be necessary, President’s Day (February 17th) will be considered.


The first two days missed are covered by extra instructional hours and will not be made up.

The next four days missed will be made up as follows:

  • Friday, Feb. 7 – Changed to a full day for students & staff;
    Parent-Teacher Conferences can be scheduled on an individual basis as needed
  • Monday, Feb. 17 (Presidents’ Day) – Full day for students & staff
  • Tuesday, March 4 – Full day for students & staff;
    Professional Development Day cancelled
  • Monday, May 26 (Memorial Day) – Full day for students & staff

Make-up days for any future days missed will be determined by the School Board at that time.

Newport News:

One inclement weather day was built into the schedule and used. At this point, they are unsure how the additional days will be made up. They say they will examine how many hours of instruction were lost, or they will lose, and decide from there.


Hampton City Schools will make up days missed due to inclement weather on February 17th and April 21st.

The three days built into the calendar for inclement weather have already been used.

Isle of Wight County:

Below you will find the IWCS Complete Inclement Weather Make-Up Day Plan as of February 12, 2014:

  • February 19: Full day for elementary schools  (previously early dismissal )
  • March 10 -14: Elementary schools will add 5 minutes at the end of each day for a dismissal time of 3:55 pm
  • April 2: Full day for all students (No exams or early dismissal)
  • April 3: Full day for all students (Exams begin/No early dismissal)
  • April 4: Exam Day – 90 minute early dismissal for all students
Currituck County:

Currituck County Schools has scheduled the following days for make up, due to weather related closures.  (Friday, February 7th will NOT be used as a make up day due to training obligations.)

January 22 — February 24 make up

January 23 — March 28 make up

January 24 — June 12 make up (early release)

JPK Early College

January 22 — February 24 make up

January 23 — March 14 make up

January 24 — May 27 make up

The school district has made every effort to reschedule missed inclement weather days by using available workdays (February 7th is a protected workday), and the non day.  Easter/Spring break is being avoided, if at all possible.

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  • Cali Girl

    Virginia Beach You are absolutely INSANE if you think I am going to send my child to school on a Saturday! Why does the district not plan for 2 snow days a year in advance? I grew up in an area of California that only got snow 2 times in ten years and they planned for snow days! I understand required number of instruction hours, and I understand the hard work that teachers put in So now because of poor planning you want to punish the students and teachers by making them come in on a Saturday! Saturday instruction will cause lack of attention from the students!

    • Katherine

      I grew up here in Virginia Beach, and I remember having to go to school once on a Saturday. It really wasn’t that big of a deal. Now when hurricane Isabelle came through, we missed 10 days and had 20 min added on every day. That was a horrible system. Older kids can’t get to work on time and all activities are pushed back. Not to mention those very few minutes added on to each class was pointless. One Saturday won’t kill the kids.

  • Denver George Land

    Suffolk would have the children attend school on MEMORIAL DAY? In this military based area, you would have the children disregard the one day a year that is set aside to honor and respect veterans who never came home????

    They need to thank their lucky stars that I don’t live in Suffolk…

  • Tim Carter

    I can tell you how the school make up days should be made up let the kids go to school year around except maybe 2or3weeks at the end of the summer that way the kids want be getting to so much trouble they will have something to and that is go to school so all these high and mighty school board members who make all the money in the school system will also have work all summer

  • Brandy Wheeler

    To all school districts: It doesn’t matter when the make-up days end up being, the parents are going to complain. Whenever the make-up days are, my child will be there because the importance of her education far exceeds the importance of a holiday.

    • gewel

      You go girl. I completely agree with you. I also agree with using spring break. give us good Friday and the day after Easter then get us back in school for the make up days.

    • Sara

      Exactly! There is always someone who is going to complain. You can’t make everyone happy. I know a lot of people are complaining about taking spring break, but really, does it matter? If you have made vacation plans, then take your kids on vacation! The school has to be in session, doesn’t mean your kid has to be there! Plus we are only talking a few days! My senior year of high school we lost 3 days of spring break and we added a week onto the end of the year due to hurricanes and snow storms. As a senior, an extra week was not enjoyable but I gotta tell ya, I survived!

  • Debbie

    I worked for Va. Beach Public Schools and the last time we missed a lot of days we made it up by staying 15 minutes more a day. I think I like that option the best. A lot of parents make dentist appointments, doctor appointments or even plan a vacation(Spring Break) which in most of the time non refundable.

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